Useful Commands

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where A command that displays where people are congregating and one of the simplest tools for finding roleplay.
look around A version of look that displays useful information about a room, including keywords that can be looked at for more detailed descriptions of specific features.
travel The travel command allows you to travel automatically to places on the grid. This is especially useful in tandem with the where command.
halt A way to stop your character from continuing along their automatic travel journey.
transmit Your communicator's transmit command is a fantastic way of finding roleplay through In-Character means. See HELP TRANSMIT for details, and note that 000.000 is the public frequency.
email A command used to send long-form IC emails to other characters. You can have an infinite number of email addresses.
text Your communicator's text and talk functions are used for communicating one on one with other characters. See HELP PHONE for details.
contest The contest command allows you to test your character's stats against someone else's.
pool Pool displays how much knowledge your character is learning from skill use.
account A command that lists the characters on your account and some basic information about each of them.
tool/retool Commands used to change the appearance and descriptions of items. In chargen this command is restring, and doesn't require paying for retooling.
cnote A command used to document your character's progress, IC information, motivations, and any other thing you might find useful. Some things are required by policy to be cnoted, such as playerkilling or stealing.
pace The pace command alters how quickly your character moves from room to room.
appraise A command to view the statistics of an object, with results based on the Mercantilism skill.
alias Alias is an in-built system allowing you to shortcut commands.
news A player-run news system that allows reporters to generate news from their choice of network.
visnet anonymous Using the anonymous option with visnet allows questions to be asked without revealing your OOC name.