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  • Your character earns influence by submitting news. News reports don't have to be accurate!
  • If you can't figure out how to do something, you can ask Staff and the playerbase on the visnet channel, e.g. visnet How do I send an email?
  • When you come across quotable quotes in roleplay, you can post it to the forums so we can add them to our quit quotes database.
  • You can set up your OOC personae with the title ooc <name> command.
  • Some materials and items are available only by connecting to and ordering from the matrix as your persona.
  • You can set up recurring IC payments to other characters or organizations with the banking system using the pay or gpay commands.
  • The inventory items command displays the keywords for all the items in your inventory.
  • Though clothing covers your wounds, you can still view them with the affects command.
  • Whois <player> can provide some detailed OOC information about a player's active hours and preferences.
  • Help char <name> displays a detailed IC account about a character, all of which are fair play as roleplay hooks.
  • History <channel> shows a chat log of the specified channel.
  • A quick and easy source of credits is to buy them with RPXP, which is earned by roleplaying.
  • You can change your character goal at any time with the purchase goal <goal> command.
  • Creating a mood increases the RPXP gain of those roleplaying in the room.
  • Setting an action increases your RPXP gain while roleplaying, and in conjunction with moods are a great way to set the scene for newcomers to the area.
  • The worth command allows you to view how many credits you have on hand, as well as how many you have in your bank account.
  • Public places like bars force RPvis on while you're in them, making you visible on the where list.
  • Using the think command increases your RPXP gain while roleplaying.
  • You can look for game lore in a room by typing look lore.
  • Staying clean is good for your health and appearance. There are public showers in many locations. Plain water will get the dirt off, but you won't be truly clean without soap!
  • You can type seek to see which organizations are available to join, and seek <organization to notify members of the organization that your character is interested in joining.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics can raise your character's appearance score temporarily.
  • You can use whoinvis to temporarily disguise your presence on the who list.
  • You can use score to see the majority of relevant information about your character.
  • Using the skills <category> command displays your progress in each skill.
  • You can target yourself, characters, and objects in your emotes or rpechoes. See HELP EMOTE for details!