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Every society has a bottom rung, and on Alter Epoch they're called the slummers. Slummers constitute at least eighty five percent of the population. They receive little education, tend to work at manual labor, and the majority live either in or around the worst sorts of of poverty in the sector. They do, however, consider themselves qualitatively better off than their "betters" - their lives are so little important to those with wealth and power that they have an unusual degree of privacy in this day and age; no one really cares what the slummers are doing unless it personally impacts them, and little beyond acts of criminal aggression can. Because these types of incidences are the only times most upper echelons are reminded of the slummer existence, slummer have a reputation for being criminals and thugs.

The reality of slummer life is more internally than externally focused. Slummers on the whole are brought up with the weight of community on their shoulders, and most believe that supporting their community - even members of they aren't fond of - is a given facet of being a part of one. Very wealthy slummers - those who have excelled at criminal enterprises or become a kingpin in their own right - very rarely fail to take care of the the community they came from. They might have moved to a high-rise somewhere far from the Dregs, but they don't forget to give back to their real community. Slummers that do rise up and fail to give back are described as "sell outs. This is one of the most severe pejoratives a slummer can wield against another.

Slummers are extremely unlikely to provide useful evidence to CorpSec where members of their own class are concerned. They handle things internally, with violence if necessary, and the results of said violence are very, very rarely reported. When CorpSec comes knocking, they'd be lucky to come away with a "Fuck off."

Slummers are free to play (no RPXP deduction during chargen) and require no application.