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Saints on paper but sinners in practice, the Naoshima Syndicate is a sizable
yakuza family, famed for their charity as much as they are for their crimes.
Their work is almost like a religion; the structure of their groups like
families, with fathers and brothers of the group recognizable thanks to their
heavily-tattooed skin and semi-severed pinky fingers. Legend has it that the
yakuza has been around since the rise of the samurai in the 17th century, and
that its various branches - the Naoshima among them - still boast between them
tens of thousands of active members today. Their credit-making schemes range
from racketeering to gambling, while their code of ethics forbids an array of
"dishonorable" crimes.

The Naoshima Syndicate maintains heavy control over the smuggling of black
market goods across Sector 7, including articles such as illegal weaopnry,
narcotics, and even organic foods.

It is NOT, however, illegal to be a member.

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