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Risen from the ashes of a civilization in chaos during the aftermath of the Terran Initiative Crisis, the Sol Ascendancy is the overarching and all-encompassing government over all of humanity. The Sol Ascendancy is split into two distinct branches - the bureaucratic Magistrates, responsible for the drafting and approval of laws, the upper levels of the court systems, and the day to day budgetary concerns of the government body; and CorpSec, the military branch responsible for the enforcement of law and order from levels that range from local police forces to the highest tiers of naval defenses.


CorpSec has been in existence since before the Final Frontier mission, having been founded to stand between the ISBC corporation and the Terran Initiative's tax services during a period of political unrest. The formation of CorpSec alone deterred any further interference with the corporate sector, as it rapidly grew into the largest military force on planet Earth. CorpSec continued to flourish throughout humanity's depression; if anything, it gained more power and influence throughout the decline. As the centuries passed the organization operated more and more independently of most corporate influences, and in the aftermath of the Terran Initiative Crisis in 2368 found themselves thrust into the position of taking a broader role in the solar system's government. CorpSec transitioned into the major government body in all of Sol and was rebranded as the Sol Ascendancy.

To seek employment with the Sol Ascendancy, type seek ascendancy.