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The Lotus Circle is an interplanetary union representing and protecting the solar system's actors, musicians, comedians, influencers, and a famous branch of professional courtesans (dubbed "companions"). When the talent is present, training is often paid for and contracts between entertainers and outside entities are negotiated through the Circle - and always to the benefit of the Circle performer.

The organization, based in the Venusian colony, was founded in 2145 and designed at its inception to eliminate what it described as exploitation of entertainers, who were being forced into oppressive contracts with studios and other, less official employers, and often had clauses that automatically renewed at the employer's discretion. These contracts were notorious for allowing employers to dictate the public and private lives of the performers who signed them, and most did not have provisions to allow the performer to end the deal.

In addition to its main office on Venus, the Lotus Circle also maintains resorts and training enterprises on Earth.