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The Five Families were once the five major New York City organized crime families belonging to the Italian American Mafia. Formed in 1931 by Salvatore Maranzano following his victory in the Castellammarese War, the group organized the scattered Italian American gangs in New York City into a single and incredibly influential entity.

Today the Five Families are alive and well, albeit much transformed and ethnically diversified. Each family still possesses a demarcated territory and maintains its own structured hierarchy, though they are by no means constrained to New York City or Earth. That they each report to the same overarching governing entity, however - the Don, or boss of all bosses - is a relatively new experiment, and has restored a sense of order that had nigh collapsed during the infant stages of humanity's interplanetary colonization.

Within the Five Families are five distinct branches: the Terran Mafia, an Earth based syndicate and the most lucrative of the families; the Chao Pho, a "new ainu" group with origins in the Venusian underground; Los Tharsis Cartel, a Mars-based group with rich roots stemming back to the historic Mexican and South American cartels; the Kazan Bratva, a Krondstadt-based family rumored to claim the governor of their home station as a member; and the Venusian Yakuza, a powerful family with a tight grip over white-collar crime in the above-ground luxury resort they call home. The Venusian Yakuza are the newest additions to the organization, having replaced the increasingly irrelevant Saturni branch in 2346.

To seek membership in the Five Families, type seek five.

WARNING: Membership in the Five Families is permanent. The only way out is in a body bag.