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An enormous corporate conglomerate with its fingers in nearly every profitable business and means of production available in the Sol system, the Corporate Collective is a force unlike any other in the business world. With origins as an engineering company, it has rapidly expanded across the decades, today encompassing all varieties of manufacturers, engineers, weapons and arms producers, cosmetic production, and even fashion designers. The secrets of many of the best engineering and weapon technologies remain wholly under their thumb, their blueprints unavailable and techniques unknown to outsiders.


Although never one of the oldest engineering corporations, the Aizu-Shoto rose to rapid prominence after securing the patent on the eco-dome technology used to create the modern Venusian colony. In the aftermath of the Terran Initiative Crisis in 2368, the corporation swept up dozens of ailing competitors and expanded under the leadership of Chairman Mojmir Sokolov into a sprawling conglomerate with countless areas of production and expertise under its umbrella. The new conglomerate was rebranded as the Corporate Collective.

To seek employment with the Corporate Collective, type seek collective.