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The traditional rules of onsen bathing are still maintained by the Venusian people and to a lesser extent those who visit their world. Though there are obviously no natural hot springs on Venus, mechanized versions of the same are a popular investment and lure for both locals and tourists.


  • Swim suits are not permitted. An onsen is bathed in naked.
  • Washing before entering the onsen is required.
  • Drinking in the onsen is forbidden, as is entering one while drunk.
  • Washing inside the onsen is forbidden.
  • Do not watch other people.
  • Do not allow your wash cloth or towel to touch the onsen water.
  • Glasses are not permitted in the onsen.

It goes without saying that these rules are not legally enforceable, but the owner of a specific onsen has the right to expel individuals who refuse to follow custom from their property.