Martian Beliefs

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Martians tend to possess a variety of superstitious viewpoints, many of which are perceived as kooky or silly by other cultures. Most, if not all, are based in some form of Martian reality - to walk on cold ground is a bad omen, for example, because in the earliest days of the colony it was an indicator that the ecologically vital temperature-regulating machines were failing. It has been a long time since that posed a real threat to any Martian, but the term "warm sands" persists as wish for good luck to those arriving or departing.

Elysium Mons and similarly outlying camps are prone to more bizarre outlooks than are found in Tharsis, at times referring to their homeworld as the "Warrior God" or the natives of Mars as its "children." It is unknown if these oddities are used to intentionally alienate outsiders or if they are indicative of some legitimate and little known spiritual construct. Considering the belligerent attitudes of most Martians, it could easily be the former.

There are more Abrahamic beliefs on Mars than in other colonies, likely because it was established when Christianity was a popular religion in the country of the original colonists' origin. The colony's relative isolation has allowed that religion to translate through multiple fully independent renditions. Today it is as much early 21st century pop culture as it is biblical.