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Honorifics are a language mechanic that allow Venusians to express esteem or respect for a person they are speaking to. Most languages use honorifics up to some extent - such as Mister or Miss - but the Venusian culture takes it to a different level of complexity, even weaving or appending their own language's honorifics into and onto other languages. For the Venusians, forgetting to use an honorific when it is required can be a real faux-pas. Unsurprisingly, the Venusian natives tend to perceive the people from other colonies and worlds as rude.

Honorifics are used for a wide array of things in Venusian culture. They can be signs of respect, a way of indirectly indicating the rank of a senior member of a corporation, company, home, or social group, to show affection, or simply as a demonstration of politeness.

As with most things Venusian, those honorifics that have managed to survive to present day come from a mish-mash of dead languages and historical cultures.

Venusian Honorifics

Honorific Meaning Suffix
Bao Refers to someone valuable or precious -
Daren Sir/Madame. Used for an official person or person in authority. -
Gwiha Formal address from a company to a client. -
Nari Informal address referring to a stylish or fun person. Yes
Sama Refers to a person of higher rank, a guest, or a customer. Yes
Sheng Refers to a person with a significant level of celebrity. -
San Mister/Miss. Respectful address for a person of one's own rank. Suffix
Xianxian Refers to a deceased person who was highly regarded. -