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Corporates, resting at a comfortably high point on the sector's food chain, are most at home in the board room. While a slummer might have to rely on violence to get what he wants, a corporate exerts his credits and influence to exact the results he wants to achieve. They do whatever it takes, sometimes at the expense of social comfort, to progress further in business and control. As such, this can give the benefit of seeing through people and being able to read between the lines when trying to do business with them, whether they are part of the corporate world or not.

Corporate citizens are generally viewed as upstanding and law-abiding. They tend to possess easy access to higher education and receive preferential placements into most corporations they apply to. Almost all have connections somewhere or the other, be it through a family member or the business associates of someone they know. These connections are as good as currency in the corporate world. Even the poorest corporate citizen can get into a top tier university with a recommendation from the Whitelake Collective CEO.

Corporate citizens cost 2,500 RPXP in chargen, and do not require an application to play.