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As far as most sophisticated urbanites across Sector 7 are concerned, therians are entirely fictional - movie monsters made up to sell tickets, because the concept is too horrific for truth.

A therian, according to rumors, is a person with the ability to transform themselves into an animal or another human.

According to an urban legend in Proberta, there's a nomad colony comprised of individuals who were exiled from their own communities; forced to live in the least-habitable areas that the rest of the nomads had no interest in driving them from, they wound up living in close proximity to packs of berserkers.

While details change from story to story - some say the nomads hunted berserkers for food and their DNA was warped over time, while others talk about blood rituals and sacrifices - a common factor remains that somehow being forced to live together left the nomads with limited shapeshifting abilities.

If the movies are to be believed, some therians take the form of predatory animals to hunt down prey, while others are capable of adopting the appearance of other humans, sometimes friends or family members, in order to gain access to others' lives and homes.

Therians can twist and deform their bodies, reshaping their joints and soft tissues to a limited extent. Their bodies reject any and all unnatural influences, including cyber and bioware.

How to Become One

Nomad characters who would like to take their concepts down the therian route should explore the outlands, looking for individuals who might be able to help them with their goal. The route toward becoming a therian can be found by engaging in conversation with a specific NPC.

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