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Characters who have logged 10 hours of RP are welcomed to create a free single room phome with a locking door. The home can be expanded over time with credits using the home system or by making request notes to the Staff.


To get a player home built, provide the room description, room name, a string for the key, and submit it on the Request Board. Please provide at least a general location for the home, with parts of an area or street names preferable. See the template below for detailed guidance on what to submit and in what format.

Phomes are capped at a maximum of 15 rooms. Note, this does not apply to phomes being used as faction headquarters. If a player has donated their phome slot to a faction HQ, the cap is 25 to accommodate the size/scope of an organization/group of people.


Homes with taxes that go unpaid for an extended period of time are repossessed and resold. Characters may co-own homes, but only one will be responsible for paying the taxes on it. You must have your co-owner registered with Staff in order for the home to be automatically owned by the other person should your character die. Evictions are evicted whether or not there is a co-owner.

A character can own or co-own a total of one home, one shop, and one VTOL.

Phome rooms cost varying amounts of credits each (barring the first room which is free), with the location determining how much each room costs. The same applies to taxes, which are higher or lower depending on the home's location.


 {cRoom Name{x: (the name of the room, capitalized appropriately)
 {cRoom Population Level{x: (empty, sparse, bustling, or crowded)
 {cRoom Temperature{x: (optional)
 {cRoom Description{x: (the description of the room)
 {cExits{x: (directions and the names of rooms they link to)
 {cExtras{x: (anything not already listed)

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