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The factions system is designed to fulfill the needs of semi-temporary, not necessarily legal organizations created by players. Factions provide a roster and shared bank account to its members, as well as the ability to purchase perks in the form of org skills in order to refine their reach and purpose, allowing them the opportunity to genuinely compete with officially recognized organizations. Factions can be public or covert. Each faction can have one perk and one skill assigned to it.

When a faction's leadership becomes inactive for an extended period, the faction enters a disorganized state that lasts for one OOC week. During that time any member make take leadership. If no one does, the faction automatically disbands.

Factions cannot purchase property, but a faction leader may choose to use their phome or pshop slot as a headquarters if they choose.

Players may only lead one faction, but they can join be a member of up to three.

To form a faction, the intended leader must travel to the S7 Office of Unemployment to register the group for 20,000 credits. This creates the faction with an empty, shared bank account, and places the individual who founded it as the leader of the group. Faction leaders can add or remove members at their leisure. The 20,000 deposit consumed is by the creation of the faction, and is non-refundable.

Covert Factions

Becoming a covert faction represents the permanent in-character effort to cut all public ties and awareness for the group in order to operate underground. While becoming a covert group is free, undoing this process costs the same as it would to refound the faction from scratch, including the costs of any perks or skills the covert faction possesses.

Basic Commands

  • faction list: Prints a list of all public factions, and a contact email for the faction's leader.
  • faction apply <faction>: Sends an application to join to a faction's leadership. Used without an argument, prints the list of factions currently accepting applications.
  • faction info <faction>: Prints detailed information about a specific faction, such as its perk. The full faction name must be used.
  • faction roster [faction]: Prints a roster of all faction members, or the roster of the specified faction.
  • faction create <credstick> <name>: Creates a new faction. Must be done at the S7 Office of Unemployment, and costs 20,000 credits.
  • faction takeover <name>: Allows a member of a faction to take over the group when the faction is flagged disorganized.
  • faction leave <faction>: Allows a faction member to leave the faction.

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