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"Psionic," sometimes called "esper," is a catch-all term for humans who have organically developed non-human senses without the aid of cyberware or biotechnology. They have a natural ability to perceive augmented reality and are remarkably in-tune with the physical and emotional states of those around them.

Some psionics report being unnaturally in-tune with emotions, similar to users of preceptors or Scions, though they use a different mechanism: synesthesia is over twice as prevalent in psionics as it is in the general human population, and in studies, many can accurately determine the emotional state of another person by what "color" their feelings are, even when that person is turned away.

Some gravitate towards medical fields where they have an uncanny ability to determine the specific nature of a person's ailments; many others become artists or musicians due to their unique, literal perception of thoughts and emotions - some even claim to be able to see through others' eyes and trawl their memories.

Psionics are typically reclusive and secretive about their powers due to suspicion by the general populace and unfavorable comparisons to Scions; whether or not it's founded, pop culture has made many afraid of being "black-bagged" for underground research by the government or unscrupulous biotech corporations.

Popular Theories

Nobody knows for certain how psionics come by their superhuman powers, or if they're actually an unrelated grouping of people with different origins who simply appear to share common traits. There are many times more rumors than facts at this point.

Scientists have been unable to draw any overarching, conclusive statements. A few have noted a statistically significant percentage of psionics whose parents have heavy neural biomods, or whose parents had telepathic preceptors installed for long enough that it began to affect their DNA in a similar way that extreme, prolonged psychological trauma does.

Some psionics claim to have shown signs of their developing powers when they were children, while others make wilder claims of alien abduction and experimentation, or of being held prisoner in laboratories belonging to super-secretive corporations. A few claim to be the result of human experimentation by the world's lingering Scions attempting to make more of themselves.

  • NOTE: the science behind the 'esper' role is left intentionally ambiguous to give players the freedom to build a unique origin story.

How to Become One

Characters have a small chance of developing a mutation such as esper when they reach 75 hours of RP. If the player would like to take their character down this route without waiting on 75 hours of RP - or if they didn't gain a 'mutation' naturally at all - they can purchase it for 5,000 RPXP using the role list, role purchase # commands. A helpinfo of 500 characters or more is required to set roles on a character (See help helpinfo in-game).

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