Abyzou Akui

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Abyzou Akui
Date of Birth Unknown
Race Venusian
Organization Unknown

Before Sector 7

Not much is know about Abyzou before he arrived in Sector 7. He was in cryogenic stasis for more than a year and has been traced as far back as having grown up in the eco-dome of the Venus, where members of his family still live today.


Records show that Abyzou arrived in Sector 7 at the end of 2367, whereupon he opened a new establishment, the Akiu-Sukiya Parlour in the Venusian Dome apparently without any funds in a matter of days. Concerned citizens report an influx of shady, heavily-armed individuals who can often be easily recognized by their high-tech cybernetics, tattoos and semi-severed fingers.

Rumor has it that Akui was responsible for the attack at the Hualing Bridge Rally being hold by the Lotus, after severing his arm to remove a control chip issued by CorpSec. The bombing was aimed at the members of the Lotus, many of whom sustained serious injuries, for which he was eventually sentenced to prison a second time that year.