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Sat Jul 04, 2020 8:05 pm

Hi everyone!

Thanks for everyone's ideas regarding my topic about getting some public RP going for new cyans. As I previously mentioned, I love AE and would love to see more new players. Some people shared my sentiments that it's hard to get things started in AE, and as we discussed, there's plenty of coded things in place to encourage public RP, so a forum discussion is a good idea to get some thoughts going.

From what I recall (sorry if I forgot anyone's suggestion), there were some good ideas:

1. Increased use of the invite system. If you're out in public, go ahead and throw out a public invite, especially if you see a cyan on the wholist (but I think everyone wants to play, so it's not required who just cyans)

2. Increased events and maybe a way to calendar events for people to look forward to. Maybe via news? IC board? (I think there may even be an events board)

3. Guides to reach out to new cyans to RP with them and get them involved. I've seen this role done in a lot of other games, but it can work as a good way to get a player involved right away. Again, maybe via public invite so that the guide isn't the only one in attendance.

4. If it doesn't exist, maybe a helpfile in chargen such as a "Getting Started/Finding RP." I believe this exists on the forums already, so maybe a direction towards that post.

5. Higher bonuses of RPXP gain via public scenes

6. Public scenes that aren't necessarily bars or coffee houses. I was in agreement with the suggestion that bar RP tends to be boring; it's usually necessary to meet people, but maybe more invites to things like spars that people are doing, shopping in stores, etc.

I agree that private scenes are definitely needed in this game and I still encourage it. The idea here is to get cyans involved in a faster way. While cyans do need to put in some effort to involve themselves, I think some upfront help would go along way to have more players. Leading the horse to water, so to speak.

Thanks everyone!

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