OOC Log for Friday, July the 4th, 2020

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Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:13 am

Leilani declaims to Anomaly, "Your update! :)"

Anomaly states, "So, my update. I've been working a bit more behind the scenes this week handling some plot advances with Niamh assistance since a few were somewhat complex. I'm also working on steps towards the next meta plot arc. Just having a bit of a cooldown period while IRL sort've gets in order."

Leilani claims to Anomaly, "Any idea what Niamh's been up to? I think we've all been rl-napped lately."

Anomaly claims, "Niamh's been fielding pboards from people, some policy I believe, and what she did with the plot stuff. I believe she's also been working on some bugs and coding but that's the kind of thing I don't tend to see since it's under the hood. I do know she added something neat for CorpSec's HQ and I believe the non-lethal bullets would have been her doing."

Leilani trails off, "As for me..."

Leilani says, "I've mostly been tackling behind the scenes things this week. I'm taking an online course right now plus parenting little monsters, so time is incredibly limited. I've been struggling through Carnegie Tower descs (yes, still), but most of my time has been spent taking care of boards and the like. It's been busy times in RL Leiworld."

Leilani inquires, "Moving on! How has rp been for everyone this week?"

Viridian claims, "Really, really excellent. Very thematic and it's been a sincere joy to RP with a lot of different players this week."

Obsidian trails off, "Still limited. I really need to fix that and get active again..."

Blight claims, "My RP has been awesome - its the usual not enough time for all I wish I could squeeze in, never a bad thing."

Naeva says, "It's been exciting though I want to get even more involved."

Autumn states, "Pretty quiet, busy week work wise, and when I do sit out in public finally, not having much joy with finding people to RP with."

Shaggy claims, "I've had some fun scenes, but keep trying to angle out finding ways to talk to more folks."

Leilani states, "Remember to use the invite command, everyone, if you're looking for rp. And those who see the invite command, maybe go and see what's up! The more rp we have here, the better we'll thrive."

Naeva says, "I definitely want to meet more people."

Robespierre says, "Ditto Naeva, although some of that is I'm learning more and that helps me get involved in more stuff."

Autumn says, "Yeah I used the invite a few times. Just.. tricky if there's only 2 or 3 on. :("

Shaggy claims, "Sometimes I ponder that I wish we had the Matchmaker thingie."

Leilani claims, "Hosting events is also a great way to get people out and about."

Leilani states, "Events, everyone. Some amazing ideas were tossed about last week. Mysteries, escape rooms, hell! Hold a tabletop game. Hold a story and immerse yourselves in an AE style dungeons and dragons game with programmed droids designed to battle you guys."

Leilani claims, "There are tons of ideas that can get everyone involved. Think outside the box but, of course, have fun too."

Shaggy states, "Please don't host Hell."

Leilani states, "All right, let's move on."

Leilani declares, "Topics!"

Leilani declaims, "Viridian, you're up!"

Viridian says, "So I first wanted to say I've been here a few months and I absolutely love this game. The systems, the RP, the stories I've been involved in are phenominal, as are the writers. I'm really interested in seeing the game grow and increasing the player base. I was thinking about my experience as a new player and I remember in the beginning, I had a pretty hard time finding RP and almost left a few times due to trouble finding it. I was wondering if there were any incentives we could consider to encourage more public scenes, so new people can get involved more quickly or have incentive themselves to stick around and discover how much fun AE is. I think it'll help a lot with player retention and having all the more people to plot, scheme, etc with. I like the idea of events (and have a few in mind myself), but usually those take time to organize so I'm thinking more generically so there's something showing up on whererp."

Leilani says, "There are xp bonuses for roleplaying with new people, but I expect you're thinking of something more."

Viridian claims, "Yep, I've been wracking my brain for ideas. I do try to put my character in public a lot, but I'm wondering ways to get people either to come out or just ways so that new players have people to meet."

Autumn claims, "For IC events it'd be neat if that could be calendared and reminded like holidays are. But I don't know if that is going to help achieve what you're after."

Leilani claims, "Would one of you be willing to begin a forum topic on this? We can bounce ideas back and forth here, yes, but I think it would be a good idea to have a pool of ideas / discussion staff can review and talk over."

Robespierre exclaims, "I have a radical proposal to that end. And sure!"

Cypher states, "Bar RP is not for everyone, but there are ways to make tha RP spread.."

Shaggy trails off, "There's a lot of things to RP that aren't bar RP though ..."

Leilani states to Robespierre, "Go ahead."

Robespierre claims, "I think we should only accumulate RPXP in public. It forces characters to meet cyans who won't be behind closed doors, and forces all characters to take on a little risk."

Autumn claims, "Yeah, social / bar RP admittedly is probably on my list of least favourite RP types.. But in saying that, I enjoy it more when there's a bit more conflict stirring things up. But I do try to get out in public for scenes.. just my play times. For me, at least, I am not sure that incentive would help any."

Blight claims, "I would hate that. My one character has enough to do without going into public. Besides, he's antisocial. The alt goes in public."

Anomaly states, "I don't think only allowing RPXP in public would be the answer."

Anomaly says, "There's a lot of meaningful RP that happens in private."

Robespierre states, "I don't disagree. And you benefit from that by the deal made, the relationship built, et cetera. But a cyan has access to none of that."

Blight says, "There's an XP bonus to RPing with cyans."

Naeva says, "I actually had an idea for that."

Leilani nods at Naeva.

Shaggy claims, "I don't think the answer is there always being conflict either as I think that's something that inspires people away from being in public if each time they are it leads to drama."

Blight states, "So if people want that boosted XP gain they can go out there and mix with the cyans easily enough."

Anomaly claims, "Cyans have plenty of tools to get involved with rp, tbh, one of the very biggest things being Seeker RP."

Viridian says, "There is, but I'm wondering if it's nearly enough. Like I said, my personal experience, I had to basically beg for RP in the beginning and I had to be adopted by players."

Obsidian states, "Is why I can't go into public anymore. Conflict."

Autumn says, "I'm not saying there should be always conflict. I'm saying that a conflict scene once a week provides fuel for social RP and things going on, in other scenes."

Naeva states, "I was thinking there should be more PvE sort of things. Like hidden quests people can do during down time. Maybe even small quests released monthly."

Shaggy says, "The thing is just because you aren't in a conflict scene doesn't mean someone else hasn't had one a day all week."

Viridian claims to Shaggy, "I agree."

Obsidian pontificates, "Not when the response to relatively simple conflict is, kill them!"

Obsidian states, "Win at all costs and all that rot."

Sriteja inquires, "Can I speak? "

Autumn nods at Obsidian.

Cypher muses, "And why aren't others being involved in those conflict scenes?"

Shaggy inquires, "How do you assume they aren't?"

Anomaly says to Sriteja, "Go for it."
Leilani nods at Sriteja.

Cypher claims, "I'm not.. just asking since it seems there may be a lack of it."

Sriteja states, "Hi. I'm just echoing what I already put in the forums. I wish there was more danger and risk in the world. How would it be if we had more npc antisocial elements in westside who attacked everyone irrespective of their class? They would represent the antisocial lowlifes and desperate people of the dregs. They should be limited in number and should keep moving across the entirety of West Side. This forces people to take more precautions and also suffer injuries giving physicians some rp. When the Lawfulness metric is low, these antisocial elements can spill over into East Side too, giving CorpSec players something to do. And to ensure one player isn't targeted over much, these thugs can attack a particular player only once an IRL week. I.e. if a particular player was already targetted that week and ran into these NPCs they would make a threat or dismissive comment but not attack. "

Viridian says, "We aren't done this topic yet, I don't think, Sriteja."

Sriteja says, "I also made a forum topic to that end. "

Sriteja claims, "Oh sorry. "

Autumn claims, "I think, rather than removing RPXP from people not playing in public, maybe increasing the bonus people get from RPing in public might be a good thing."

Sriteja states, "I support what Autumn said. "

Naeva states, "I like that idea as well."

Leilani states, "We'll put it on our talking points. But again, having a forum topic on this would be great."

Cypher questions, "And maybe a way for a random molotov to end up in the midst of it?"

Viridian claims, "I'm happy to start a forum topic, since I opened this can of worms. :)"

Sriteja says, "I made a forum topic on it, Leilani. "
Leilani starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Blight claims, "Except RPing in public already gets the chance to get a QP as well as RPing with cyans is a boosted rate. I could see it if the random QP was removed. That's a lot at that rate."

Leilani finishes her note.

Robespierre inquires, "Thats a less radical idea but I think a good one. I just look at whererp some times and think, "What is someone just joining the game going to do?""

Leilani states, "Qp isn't random."

Autumn nods at Leilani.

Autumn claims, "Definitely not random."

Leilani states, "It's consciously given by us when we see a lot of players in one spot / out and about."

Cypher says, "If you're only RP'ing in public for a chance for a random QP.. that might not be so great."

Leilani states, "But it's not a coded thing or a sure one."

Anomaly claims, "I'll be honest with you all as a staffer on this - I don't think giving any more benefits to RP in public is going to change the frequency. We're willing to look at it, of course, and I'm not ruling it out at all, but people are just going to do what they feel is fun to do. It's always been that way, and we tend to go in bursts of folks being out a lot and sometimes not."

Viridian says, "Totally agree, I think the incentives exist, but they aren't utilized. WhereRP tends to be pretty empty and in my personal experience, I basically had to beg for scenes my first month or two."

Leilani nods at Anomaly.

Naeva states, "I agree. I feel like it's a little hard to get started. You just sort of jump in and hope for the best."

Autumn nods at Viridian.

Anomaly says, "A big part of finding RP is looking to network. This can be done via seeking, being proactive, and fostering communities within orgs and inter-org communications."

Blight claims, "People need to use the seeking tools. People ought to be letting them know to use it."

Leilani trails off, "We certainly don't want that either..."

Cypher states, "Totally agree on that one, starting is really rough."

Autumn states, "I had to really shove and push to get my first scenes and force my way into stories... it was pretty hard going."

Anomaly states, "You generally aren't going to find it just sitting in public and expecting someone to come to you."

Naeva states, "My idea of mini-quests I think if there are lots of just little quests added monthly to give people an excuse to talk to each other and interact without it being a huge thing."

Cypher asks, "Then how do you find it Anomaly, when you don't know the world?"

Viridian says, "Yeah, and really seeking is going to depend on the org's response. I try very hard to get to mine immediately but not many people are seeking my org, so I figure there's got to be more that I can do."

Anomaly claims, "It takes time. Not saying it's easy at all or that anyone's wrong here. Just saying that we've provided quite a lot of tools to make it work, but ultimately it comes down to player habits rather than something we can force."

Robespierre states, "Yeah my guild alone doesn't offer me a ton of RP. If I didn't know someone here before coming in, I would habe been very very lost. (and maybe still am)"

Blight says, "Perhaps that could be included in what guides do? Helping nudge newbies to use the tools for RP? If they're not already, anyways. Plus there's the invite command."

Viridian says, "I like that idea, Blight."

Cypher nods towards blight "I like that."

Blight states, "I've played in games where that's been part of the role of people like Guides here."

Anomaly states, "That does sound like a good idea."

Sriteja asks, "Can't we have an individual invite like on TI? "

Leilani states, "All right, guys. This is a great topic, and I think it should be discussed more on the forum, but we do have some more topics to get through."

Anomaly says, "I think maybe a guide on how to get into the game and how to get involved could be a very good idea"

Leilani nods at Blight.

Viridian declaims, "I'll put up a post. Thank you everyone!"

Sriteja asks, "Where we could invite a single person and they'd be teleported to us? "

Cypher claims, "Please no on the teleport."

Leilani claims, "All these ideas are ideas we want to hear. Please definitely post them when the topic goes up."

Leilani trails off, "But for now, guys..."

Leilani claims, "Naeva, you're up."

Naeva says, "As a character going into slicing, I feel it's unbalanced. I'm not sure if that's because it's still in development or what? What I mean by unbalanced is that if you want to go pure slicing it takes a lot of learn slots, plus the hacking is challenging (though fun), but it doesn't seem to have any IC payoff. Like you can't really make money from the skill and it's not a skill tied into a particular Corporation to help make sense about joining a Corp to get paid. This also means there isn't much plot around it either. I personally have no desire to have my character join a Corporation, but I would like to be able to have some ways to develop more matrix/hacking/slicing involved plotlines and a way to actually make money from it, especially since it's a lot of work to become one. "

Leilani wonders, "Not my strong suit. Anom?"

Autumn says, "You're not wrong, though actually one of the decking skills has been dropped recently, it used to be a lot worse."

Cypher states, "I have yet to see a real IC payoff myself, and my character is.. yeah."

Shaggy states, "There are definately plots tied to Slicing, but the decision to not want to join an Org might cut you out of the direct access to some of the plots."

Autumn says, "I kind of pulled back from hacking and decking cause of small world issues. But I really really want to see more people getting involved in it."

Sriteja muses, "I have an idea to this end. Making Decking profitable. May I speak? "

Obsidian trails off, "There are quite a lot... computer, hacking, cybercombat, electronic combat..."

Anomaly states, "Matrix stuff is still very much a work in progress as far as slicing goes."

Anomaly states, "Ultimately you don't have to have all of them. We intend to build up more skills for each of the slicing abilities."

Autumn says, "I think it has enormous potential and provide a lot of RP hooks."

Leilani nods at Sriteja.

Anomaly states, "So you could eventually just specialize in one aspect rather than being pure slicing"

Leilani states, "Ooo, interesting."

Sriteja claims, "So.. Now each Org has a database right? It often holds sensitive info. If these could be moved to secure nodes on a matrix, deckers could hack into these and steal the data and subsequently sell it. "

Naeva claims, "Right now you need all of them to compile and hack programs."

Autumn says, "You do, currently yeah."

Anomaly inquires, "You don't have to have them all mastered though do you?"

Shaggy says, "I feel like the database is as much OOC help as IC help and if hacking them became super easy, you'd have folks just move to things like Google Docs instead."

Obsidian says, "And there doesn't seem to be a way to tell how much of each skill you need."

Cypher questions, "On the note of decking, can we get the skills for actual combat in the matrix sorted out?"

Naeva claims, "So if I want to pick up a trade to help with the money portion it is sort of difficult"

Autumn says, "Computers does allow you to make things you can sell, if that helps. And you can sell hacks to people."

Anomaly claims, "It's something that we'll get to when Mont gets to it, to be honest. Not trying to be mean about it, promise. She's just been working on space code which has been her priority."

Shaggy claims, "You might at the moment at least get a like a side hustle rather than just Decking."

Obsidian claims to Anomaly, "If you try and use a chip you can't use, it'll say you need more skill in electronic warefare. You need more skill in hacking. You need more skill overall. Not tooo clear, so not sure if all need to be mastered."

Cypher says, "It's fine, and is why I really stopped messing with it."

Autumn claims, "Will admit, I haven't sold much though in a while. Sadly no one wants scramblers and most people who deck just make their own decks."

Cypher states, "Computer skill is.. yeah.."

Naeva states, "I'm set on doing it. I don't want to give up. I just want to make sure it'll be worth it IC."

Autumn says, "It is worth while IC."

Obsidian trails off, "Collective's monopolizing the decking arena too... which, you know, totally player perogative, but could be why too..."

Autumn says, "Can confirm that as someone who has stuck with it."

Obsidian claims, "Selling, I mean."

Cypher claims, "I haven't seen it, but Autumn says it is so I believe her."

Autumn says, "Mostly for me, hacking / decking has been useful for RPAs."

Leilani says, "Anom knows more about this than I do, but I do know, as she's stated, that there are definitely plans."

Autumn claims, "I did use it a lot for headrooms too (hacked holovids)"

Cypher states, "Ah, I don't understand the sytems enough to make use of it.. makes sense then."

Leilani states, "You guys have been incredibly patient though; we're just asking for a bit more of that. Still in beta."

Sriteja claims, "I was wondering. "

Blight states, "We've sold 3 alpha decks. That's hardly monopolizing."

Sriteja asks, "Is slicing in this game inspired from Shadowrun? "

Autumn says, "But definitely try stick with it, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to give me a nudge."

Leilani asks, "No idea? LOL"

Sriteja claims, "Because I was going through the Shadowrun books and they have the exact same skills under decking rules. "

Viridian states, "I believe the monopolizing concern comes from to make decks require engineering parts."

Cypher claims, "I'm going to nudge you Autumn."

Viridian says, "Which ICly, I don't think are sold, but I may be wrong there."

Blight claims, "Ah. Well, that's just not for decks. That's for a lot of things."

Naeva claims, "No problem. I just wanted to bring it up since it seemed with the backlash, the amount of learn slots, no way to make income, and the hack/compile puzzle. I felt it was a lot but I didn't see any major benefit for the commitment."

Viridian claims, "Sure, but that blocks off people from making decks if they can't get the subcomponents without being Collective."

Autumn states, "We have the same thing with cybernetics."

Cypher states, "All computer drek should fall under the threshold for what a non Collective person can do in Engineering, last I checked."

Autumn says, "All cybernetics require engineering components."

Blight claims, "I believe Anom said every part for computers can be found outside of engineering."

Shaggy says, "If everyone could make everything themselves though, there would be even less reason for the RP people already say they are lacking."

Cypher claims, "Under the cap for non Collective.. yes."

Autumn states, "Not all, but all under 36."

Naeva says, "So far all the stuff I need I can get through the engineering up to 36 or I go to Highguard"

Viridian claims, "Yeah, you still need someone to teach you engineering at the very least, if not taken in chargen. And a player may want to get into it past the chargen phase, so they're blocked."

Autumn nods at Naeva.

Cypher claims, "Yes, except Collective doesn't sell parts.. so an item in computer that requires it.."

Blight claims, "I believe he made it so even the Tin scramblers could be made."

Anomaly says, "I don't believe any computer parts is above 36 in engineering."

Autumn says, "None above 36."

Cypher says, "Currently, no."

Obsidian says, "That's not really what I meant. There just seems to be a huge push for any possible profit making craft to be Collective owned. Which is probably very thematic for them. And doesn't really affect me personally, but for someone new, it feels as though they're only being offered one path and being forced into that org because if you tried to sell a deck outside of it... even without it being a guild skill, you'll be gone after. Fashion, artwork, jewelry... decking. All of it now appears to be collective claimed."

Anomaly states, "There was one but I fixed it."

Blight claims, "Then what's the issue? I don't seem to get it."

Shaggy claims, "There are people who do quite a few of those things that aren't in the Collective."

Autumn trails off, "Engineering is a collective skill, if you can't find a collective person to teach you... it can be hard to get it to 36 (unless you took it in chargen)"

Blight states, "Many"

Cypher claims, "Not true at all, work with other IC and I'm sure ya can find a way."

Autumn states, "I think that's the concern people have."

Anomaly claims, "That's an In Character action by the Collective and should be met with IC response."

Blight says, "Yes."

Blight says, "Either that or grab a cyan out of chargen with it at 36."

Viridian says, "That's not really a good answer."

Cypher says, "Yeah.. hard to IC response it.. "

Blight states, "Then learn engineering some other way. "

Obsidian claims, "Fine by me. Like I said, doesn't really affect my rp anymore, but just seems like a stranglehold cyans may be daunted by."

Viridian states, "Ha, okay."

Leilani exclaims, "Okay! "

Leilani declaims, "Moving on!"

Blight states, "It's not like there's not other guild skills being taught by others."

Sriteja says, "Kidnap a collective employee and force them to do stuff. "

Anomaly states, "Or pay one under the table."

Leilani laughs at Sriteja.

Anomaly says, "There are engineers outside of the collective currently in the playerbase if you find them."

Cypher claims, "Oh, and what happens if.. leaving it there."

Blight says, "The official collective stance isn't going to change. You'll have to find ways to work around it."

Robespierre states, "With the size of the player base, that's not always viable. I agree with the non-guild locked skills that there shouod be an IC response."

Blight states, "They all fall in one way or another under the Collective's corporate umbrella. No one is saying you can't make decks or fashion."

Naeva claims, "I didn't find it too hard to find non-Collective people to help me with some things. >.>"

Cypher claims, "At some point, I need to learn the limits of RPA and how to use it.. seems like a great opportunity."

Obsidian mutters: '.... .r...re .. d.. ..r it...'

Cypher says OOCly, "Non-collective yes, collective.. good luck :P But that's IC issues."

Leilani claims, "Okay guys, we're almost out of time. Let's get through this and keep it civil."

Autumn states, "It does offer you ways to utilise decking and do things with it that isn't currently feasible with the current skills but icly would be possible."

Blight claims, "The only advantage to being Collective for non-collective skills is the free training and materials and cheap shops."

Leilani claims, "Blight"

Leilani claims, "You're up"

Blight says, "I forgot what what I was going to bring up, I'd rather take on the raging mob now."

Cypher states, "And I need to learn how to do that Autumn, because.. there is no guide.."

Leilani says, "All right."

Autumn inquires, "There's a guide to plotting on the forums I think?"

Leilani exclaims, "Sriteja, you're up!"

Autumn states, "I put one up for my guild too on the boards but I Can work on one for the wiki"

Cypher blows a kiss to Blight "Love ya buddy.."

Sriteja wonders, "It's the same thing I already said. Shall I say it again? "

Leilani states, "Please."

Sriteja says, "Hi. I'm just echoing what I already put in the forums. I wish there was more danger and risk in the world. How would it be if we had more npc antisocial elements in westside who attacked everyone irrespective of their class? They would represent the antisocial lowlifes and desperate people of the dregs. They should be limited in number and should keep moving across the entirety of West Side. This forces people to take more precautions and also suffer injuries giving physicians some rp. When the Lawfulness metric is low, these antisocial elements can spill over into East Side too, giving CorpSec players something to do. And to ensure one player isn't targeted over much, these thugs can attack a particular player only once an IRL week. I.e. if a particular player was already targetted that week and ran into these NPCs they would make a threat or dismissive comment but not attack. "

Leilani says, "Just so we have it logged in the right spot."

Leilani asks of Anomaly, "Is that even codedly possible?"

Sriteja claims, "Think of them like the wolves and boars of TI. "

Autumn states, "Given it's been about 35 OOC days since I last had to use treat, >_> I deifnitely think that having something that adds more danger and a few more things for those playing medics to do, is a good idea."

Leilani says, "Wow."

Cypher inquires, "Honestly, how can you spar and not take injuries? Just.. how?"

Leilani says, "I believe there's safe sparring."

Viridian states, "I'd be a big proponent of damage through sparring. I'd be inclined to call a doctor to attend injuries on sight."

Shaggy muses, "My concern is ... what does this do for the people who have established homes or businesses West Side only be able to go home or work with the buddy system?"

Viridian claims, "I'm not saying people should be crippled, but there's a lot of sparring and no risk."

Autumn nods at Viridian.

Blight says, "Sparring should cause injuries. Injuries shouldn't heal so quickly either."

Autumn states, "Hacking is the most dangerous skill >_>"

Obsidian says, "Start challenging one another to modern duels. Events plus injuries in one."

Blight says, "Should cause infections too if people don't get them treated."

Shaggy claims, "If you do though, use Invite so the rest of us can show up and make bets on it."

Leilani says, "I like that."

Leilani claims, "Infections."

Leilani grins at Shaggy.

Sriteja states, "Shaggy, I suggest these be rare. You'd only run into them once in awhile. "

Blight states, "Infections from untended wounds should absolutely be a thing."

Leilani starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Shaggy says, "Well sure but if that rear is when you are trying to go home and log out and now you get 'Wary' and can't logout for 30 minutes."

Leilani finishes her note.

Anomaly states, "We'll add it to the talking points and discuss it as staff."

Naeva says, "I like the idea of infections and damage during sparring."

Cypher claims, "The gang thing, I don't like.. but taking a bruise from a spar when a decker can fry themselves for a failed hack... and last I checked.. decker skills can't PK people.."

Leilani declares, "All right, lovelies, last one!"

Leilani exclaims, "Autumn, you're up!"

Blight claims, "Perhaps untreated wounds should heal much slower, too. If you want it not to last a week, see a doctor."

Autumn says, "So, touched on this topic on OOC a little.. but wanted to bring it up as a talking point: most people have noticed this week that we've had a definite lack of news. And while we usually get a wealth of them coming from the Collective, it's rare we see news coming from the other orgs. But things like news and ic events are pretty crucial for off peak people to stay abreast of things going on. And also for newbies to get hooks into the stories on grid. And while news has been restricted to GLs and reporters, and plots submissions, was curious about why people are not submitting news? Is there a reason? Anything that can be done to make it easier? Or is more incentive needed? And also a reminder for those that want to submit then, and do not meet the GL/Reporter/Plot requirement, they can put them on the request board for staff to post."

Robespierre states, "I like blight's suggestion."

Anomaly claims, "Actually, hm. Better yet. "

Anomaly asks, "Sriteja could you put that in an ideas board post?"

Viridian states, "He did already."

Leilani claims, "Ah, perfect."

[Guide] Darlene: I didn't log in long ago, but if OOC meeting is still going on, I'd like to go, please.

Sriteja claims, "Already did, Anomaly. "

Cypher inquires, "Maybe people don't know how to use the system? "

Leilani has transferred Kitty. [OOC]

Blight states, "Since news is easy to use it might be lack of awareness."

Leilani says to Kitty, "Grab some shots and a credstick! We're on the last topic regarding the news."

Shaggy claims, "I admit that I kind of stayed away from the news system after the drama that inspired the changes to begin with."

Viridian claims, "Yeah, as far as news, I agree, but there's also either IC reasons or, from my perspective, was lack of awareness."

Obsidian claims, "I never know what network to post it from."

Leilani states, "Remember, too, that deckers can post news with the right program."

Kitty gets a red firework shot crowned by a plume of holographic flame.

Viridian states, "If there's a plot/news guidance somewhere, I'd love to read it but I've never found it."

Autumn inquires, "If it is a lack of awareness, what do you need to know more about to post ?"

Sriteja declares, "When in doubt, make it public! "

Viridian claims, "And not just how the system works, but actual suggestions, examples, etc."

Cypher says, "It seems that a lot of things I see assume everyone understands how the code works, and I myself don't. I've tried to wrap my head around a lot of it, news hasn't been a focus area yet."

Kitty states, "It was made 'not public' for a reason."

Blight states, "I have told people in my org I'd post news for them if they wanted to, but no one has ever taken advantage of it."

Autumn says, "Help policy news, and help news both are good."

Autumn claims, "The best examples are some of the ones you"

Autumn states, "Erm. You've probably seen already posted over the last month."

Viridian says, "Read them both and again, it's just unfamiliarity. I tried a few plots that were denied, which is fine, but there's a lot of trial and error. The pbase doesn't know about that, so while it might look like nothing is happening, that shouldn't be the assumption."

Autumn claims, "So for those not currently posting, happy to answer questions they have about it here, or on visnet too."

Leilani says, "Can google news articles on topics that interest you too to get an idea of how small articles are formatted if that, too, is an issue."

Autumn states, "As a GL, did you know that you can post news? No plot needed."

Cypher states, "No.. "

Viridian claims, "I was under the impression news needed a plot."

Blight claims, "Yeah. All GLs can make news Nope."

Kitty claims, "News does not need a plot."

Cypher claims, "See.. it's stuff like this.."

Blight says, "You can just toss news up there, like my stupid advert."

Viridian pontificates, "Yeah, this is what causes frustration, but good to know!"

Leilani says, "And if you're a reporter, it's only 5k xp for that role, interview others, post about random things that would happen in a big city provided they're not overtly out of control, etc."

Sriteja says, "Reporters can make money too, posting adverts for small business owners. "

Cypher states, "How the hell do you guys expect a GL that doesn't understand all of this to be able to compete with someone that does.. I'm being serious and getting frustrated.."

Leilani states, "If something interesting happens on grid, go shove a comm into peoples faces and go all stalkarazzi on them."

Autumn says, "So post about news stores opening up for your members, or things your org is doing."

Blight states, "Ask your predecessor if they're still around."

Autumn states, "Remind people about laws and how they work, or sales that are on, or events you're involved in."

Leilani trails off, "Perhaps a news guide as well..."

Viridian claims to Leilani, "Yes, please."

Autumn claims, "News can cover a whole range of things."

Autumn states, "It even can be a recruiting advert to get people to join."

Naeva says, "Maybe a guide for GLs if there isn't one."

Blight states, "My predecessor fled town so I had to kind of put stuff together and ask Autumn a whole lot of questions."

Viridian says, "New GLs have a lot to sort through so the more guides for them, the better."

Autumn welcomes questions!

Cypher states, "Newer members to org roles already have to deal with.. ya know what.. just going to leave this alone."

Autumn claims, "But yeah that was the point of this topic, to find out why and what we can do to fix it."

Blight states, "If your former org leader isn't gone that's by far the best way to do it."

Cypher says, "We take on a role, with no guidance.. and get shit on because we don't know the system.. how about that."

Viridian states, "Awesome! I appreciate the question."

Leilani claims to Cypher, "We're not saying you have to post news. Don't let it frustrate you like this. It's just a suggestion to help flesh out the news available. Perhaps you could make that a role within your org, even. Delegate, guys."

Autumn asks, "You're getting shit on for taking on the GL role? :("

Viridian states, "Cypher, it's cool. I think the issue is being addressed."

Blight says, "But yeah there could be a guide for it. Or ask on visnet. Or ask other GL players."

Kitty says, "I wonder... if an OL channel would help - where other OLs can help new OLs in an OOC manner on how to do things if there are questions."

Kitty states, "'orgleader' is what I mean."

Viridian says, "I feel like having guides is a better way to go. You don't know what to ask if you don't know it or have misinterpreted something."

Leilani claims to Cypher, "This topic wasn't brought up to "shit on" anyone in particular."

Cypher says, "I am not going to ask another GL how to do things.. because thay automatically marks me as incompetence and a target.."

Leilani says, "We'll make certain to have a news guide written up, then."

Autumn claims, "Anyone that marks you as that for just asking questions should be reported to staff."

Kitty says, "I... well, I don't know about that. On an OOC level, yes that."

Blight says, "I think we all learned on the job."

Cypher claims, "I'm a prior SD player, so forgive me.. but.. my level of trust is.. sorry."

Kitty states, "Being an Org Leader is much different from just being a member, and having a place that feels safe to ask questions might be nice."

Viridian wonders, "Like a GL channel or something?"

Autumn claims, "I'm always very very open to people asking questions, can even send me a tell if you'd rather not ask on visnet too."

Autumn says, "I would like a GL channel too >_>"

Viridian inquires, "Oh, can we send tells to non-staff?"

Autumn says, "Can send tells to guides."

Kitty states, "That's what I'm suggesting. And, you can send tells to guides."

Sriteja declares, "So am I, Cypher. But give AE a chance! :) "

Shaggy states, "You can send tells to Guides."

Anomaly states, "I don't see a reason why we couldn't consider a GL channel"

Naeva questions, "Actually I want to ask some question about slicing Autumn. Is discord okay?"

Autumn claims, "Discord works, I'm Autumn on there."

Anomaly muses to Leilani, "Add that to the talking points?"

Autumn claims, "In the AE chat anyways"

Naeva states, "Cool"

Leilani starts editing a note. (This is an OOC action)

Blight claims, "No one is going to see asking questions as a GL as a weakness. It's not easy and obscure at the start with the different commands and various fiddly bits of knowledge. It would be good to have an easy way to do it, like a GL channel if someone didn't want to bring it up on Discord."

Leilani finishes her note.

Anomaly muses, "So we're almost a half hour over on the meeting. Do we have any other topics waiting?"

Cypher says, "I don't mean to seem like a cry baby here.. but I want to make sure I'm doing what I should and I'm sure others in the same boat maybe feel the same way."

Anomaly says, "That's fine Cyper."

Kitty snugs Cypher. "Expressing frustration is not being a crybaby."

Anomaly says, "There's nothing wrong with saying you feel lost. There's also not anything wrong with asking questions."

Autumn says, "I kind of was dropped in the deep end as GL too. So definitely get it. I had no clue even how to do cybernetics let alone GL."

Leilani claims, "You don't seem like anything of the sort. It's a huge learning curve, and we're all here to help you."

Autumn says, "There's a lot of stuff to cover, and things like opoints and how that all worked had me lost for ages."

Blight says, "Plots confused me for the longest time."

Autumn nods at Blight.

Leilani states, "And anyone who might give you ooc smack for just asking questions will find themselves visited by one of us for a talking to, because that's not going to fly on this game."

Viridian exclaims, "The news tidbits are super helpful so I appreciate that!"

Robespierre nods at Blight.

Leilani claims, "Secret, guys? Plots still confuse me, and I work on high! We all can't understand everything right off the bat."

Autumn claims, "Plots are worth giving a shot, and more established players, definitely try to include newer players in them too, it gives them a chance to try it out."

Cypher says, "Thanks, all I've got.. just constantly feel lost to be honest."

Sriteja claims, "LoL I read that as you work being high. "

Kitty trails off, "I think the key there is INCLUDE people..."

Kitty claims, "The more we can include people when they're new, the easier it'll be when they start doing plots on their own."

Sriteja states, "I can say Autumn does a good job of including people. "

Robespierre points to Autumn. "I think that's part of it. I didn't see any samples in my plot list so it's hard to know what ones I should start for my org. Rules help but samples would be very very useful. Application is tough."

Cypher claims, "I.. am very happy for you."

Leilani claims, "Guys, we're almost 30 minutes past time. Feel free to chat on ooc, and thank you, everyone, for showing such support. Cypher, we're always open to questions, as are the guides, as are other players as they've mentioned here. We are all here to help you."

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