Changelog - Jun2020

Logs of the in-game HELP CHANGES index.

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Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:14 am

* Non-lethal bullets (rubber, paintball) and non-lethal C02 guns coded.
* Laughing gas from Sera's ST commemorated in the Mayhem craft!
* New recipes added to amenities.
* Vanilla and lemon extract added to gardening.
* Gunshots echo to surrounding area when guns are used.
* Several utility cybernetics essence costs lowered.
* Throwing targets added to construction.
* New recipes added to jeweling.
* New recipes added to fashion.
* Recipes that use spices in cooking can use herbs as an alternative.
* Oddly fitting salvia plant crash resolved.
* STC tag added to stc/story channel for better visibility.
* Max length limit on news articles upped to 1000 characters.
* New recipes added to artwork.
* Leak in courier permit closed up with great vengeance.
* Cybernetic removal should be fully functional again.
* Storyteller helpfiles consolidated into two - help story for index.
* Disease likelihood removed from health, linked to infrastructure.
* Slicer skill level should properly adjust how many hacks per compile.
* Automatic quotation marks removed from how news prints.
* Sleepers can see their own think echoes while sleeping.
* HELP TIMELINE updated to reflect recent changes.
* Terran Initiative items retired.
* Items with extended descs given a notifier on look <person>.
* Jmote output updated to be less confusing to onlookers.
* Two new Medicine recipes added to the late stage crafting tree.
* Balloons added to unskilled for absolutely no reason.
* Jeweling craft booted in, all recipes complete.
* Jewelery moved out of Fashion, new Fashion items completed.
* GLA (guild leader approval) prints for the GL on 'support show.'
* Clarifying helpfile for GLA added, see HELP ORGINFO GLA.
* New program, "Reskin," completed and added to software network.
* Syndicate tracking chits and CSec chips no longer double-print.

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