OOC Log for Friday, June the 5th, 2020

Logs of monthly OOC meetings.

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Anomaly declares, "Alrighty, Staff Updates!"

Anomaly questions, "Leilani, kick us off?"

Leilani claims, "I wasn't really around this week. I got a few crafting recipes in early on and helped out with tackling some boards. Nothing impressive."

Anomaly states, "Lies, you impressed me today by going BEASTMODE on the boards and clearing them."

Blight exclaims, "No questions here!"

Leilani grins at Anomaly.

Leilani claims, "Oh, and my littlest lost a tooth. Applause is in order. Thank you."

Anomaly states, "Alright, as for Niamh - Niamh's been doing a ton this last week. She's been working on the FLEA MARKET which is going to be in the dregs. It's looking pretty dope. She's also been doing a few other updates, including the sacred heart subway stop, and she added the new Jeweling craft. The craft has around 240 recipes, and she did 200 of them already overnight."

Leilani says, "A beast."

Leilani claims, "She's a beast."

Autumn says, "I saw the jeweling stuff, it's insane."

Anomaly says, "Yes, yes it is."

Tasker claims, "Did she start drinking cocaine instead of water"

Autumn declares, "It even has body piercings!"

Orrin claims, "Wow."

Anomaly says, "She probably drank a lot of coffee."

Orrin trails off, "Thats it! I'm getting pierced...."

Anomaly states, "Recipes aren't easy to make. They require a decent amount of work to make one, so 200 in a night is insanity."

Autumn claims, "I have already 15 body piercings planned."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Orrin claims, "Thats amazing."

Shaggy says, "I'm excited! More reason to sell ores."

Autumn pontificates, "We need someone to make a jeweler now!"

Leilani states, "She's my spirit guide."

Orrin wonders, "Will we be able to sell things at the flea market?"

Leilani stops using This Week's Todo List.

Anomaly says, "As for myself - I've been kind've lazy. Plot advances are caught up for the moment and I handled some request board and pboard stuff. I also wrote the rather -lovely-(cough cough) description for the new stripclub in the west side and Niamh did the rest of it including ambiance and the mobs there."

Leilani claims, "Oh, one of my crafts was permanent tats. So go get you pierced and tatted."

Orrin declaims, "Strip club!? Sin!"

Autumn states, "Tats, piercings and strip clubs."

Anomaly states, "Niamh asked me if I'd ever been to a stripclub. I told her I'd been to one but the ones where I live are sad because we're in the southeast united states."

Autumn says, "Sounds like a fun week."

Anomaly states, "So, she felt that was perfect inspiration."

Ruth claims, "I want to make an updated map now. "

Orrin starts praying and drinking like a good catholic.

Tasker claims, "This game is falling into DEPRAVITY "

Orrin says, "I agree Tasker."

Anomaly claims, "So, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO"

Leilani releases This Week's Todo List to float next to her.

Anomaly claims, "Time to announce this last month's survey results."

"Once again, it is time for the monthly RP Awards. Abyzou is probably asleep again right now, so he left us another emote for the results.", with that Anomaly begins to mimic Abyzou's voice. "Thanks everyone who took the time to vote for the RP Awards, it is very much appreciated. As usual many of you have been voted at least once, like always - Don't feel bad, you all contribute to this game with whatever you do, and I'm glad to be part of the community." Anomaly holds up a hand and clicks his fingers, artificial fireworks explode and a dark synthwave track starts to play in the background. (OOC: https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUtAWeSK28g)

Smiling at the crowd, Anomaly rubs his hands together and announces loudly, "First up, the person you all enjoy to RP with and appreciate with recommendations! The 'most recommendations' goes to: SERA!"

A dancing hologram appears behind Anomaly, "Next, the player who never lets you down with his perfectly polished emotes! The 'best emotes' goes to.. two players actually: BEATRIX and LIESA!"

More and more dancing holograms appear, suddenly the crowd is circled by those. "The player who has the perfect ideas to drive us all to one place. I am unsure how to count this one, since Staff won that this month. The 'best events' goes to: ANOMALY, followed by SANOH!"

The holograms disappear and the scene changes to a room filled with wires, neon glow and tech in every corner. "The player who sticks to the theme and enhances immersion whatever they do by staying true to theme at all times. The 'most themely' goes to: BEATRIX!" [Anomaly]

Tables of booze form out of pixels behind Anomaly. "The player you are happy to meet in a bar, just because they're always insanely fun to hang out with. The 'best social' goes to: RUTH!"

EMTs start rushing through the room, as Anomaly announces the next winner. "We all get injured from time to time, some more often than others. We appreciate all the docs around, and those who are willing to RP around well done medical stories. The 'best medical' goes to.. hrm, two people again: BEATRIX and SERA!"

The scene changes again, giant skyscrapers appear all around, suit-wearing corpies mixing with the crowd. "Next up, the player who is just the perfect example of a the upscale life. The 'best corporate or peer' goes to: MOJMIR!"

Suddenly, a few of the suit-wearing corpies start to reveal firearms, shooting at the people around them with artificial laser ammunition. "You are never sure what they have prepared and rather keep out of their sight. The 'best villain' goes to: ABYZOU!"

The lights dim, and the mood the mood becomes gloomy, oppressive. "So scary, much frighten, many fears! The 'most intimidating' goes to - two players again: STANTON and ABYZOU!" [Anomaly]

Tasker says, "Well I'm just going to have to kill Abyzou then"

Shaggy states, "I feel like we should just permanently give some folks some awards, lol."

Orrin exclaims, "Congradulations!"

Elysia muses, "Regarding jewelry skill -- will people with fashion get that grandfathered in, or will they have to split ranks or learn from scratch?"

Anomaly claims, "Now now, it's possible to usurp thrones here."

Autumn dances excitedly.

Anomaly states, "Get game of thrones up in this game and start outdoing the winners of awards."

Leilani exclaims, "Congratulations, all of you!"

Anomaly states, "Congrats to those of you who won the awards this last month. QP has been awarded."

Autumn also is totally not a doctor and doesn't qualify for best medical.

Anomaly asks, "So, now that that's completed. How was RP this last week?"

Elysia questions, "Regarding jewelry skill -- will people with fashion get that grandfathered in, or will they have to split ranks or learn from scratch?"

Leilani has created a silver bubble gum disc etched with WINNER across its face[30].

Orrin trails off, "I will help you hide the body of your rival Tasker. But! In order to do this, I require a hundred bottles of absinthe and the ability to get laid..."

Leilani says, "Same as last time, because you're all winners."

Leilani says, "Take one."

Anomaly states, "You'll have to learn jewelry from scratch. If you -prefer- jewelry over fashion, we don't mind switching your skill."

Tasker declares, "Good! I'm so ding dang busy and I'm very grateful to a few CorpSec/Ascendancy seekers which might take a bit of the load off!"

Rita states, "Had some tense RP this week. I enjoyed it, and I hope those involved enjoyed it."

Elysia claims, "Got it, thanks."

Leilani asks, "Hmmm. They still seem to be in fashion. A lot of it anyway but it makes sense they'd be moved over?"

Anomaly says, "Well, Fashion still has quite a bit in it, but I'm sure Niamh will add some more to the upper ranges to replace the things that get moved."

Autumn states, "It's been a bit rough this week. There's been a lot going on which is great. But it's been intense and a lot.. But also sometimes hard to find RP offpeak too lately. Which sounds.. contradictory."

Orrin says, "I'll be happy to help take loads off then Tasker."

Anomaly claims, "I'll add that to the staff talking points for her to address her intention with it."

Orrin claims, "...Anyone who makes dirty jokes about how that came out will get smacked."

Leilani gets a silver bubble gum disc etched with WINNER across its face.

Ruth says, "RP has been great as always. "

Anomaly muses to Autumn, "I hope it hasn't been too much intensity?"

Elysia wanders into the vicinity. [login]

Joon gets a silver bubble gum disc etched with WINNER across its face.

Elysia has lost link.

Elysia has reconnected.

Elysia states, "There we go."

Orrin claims, "I have had good RP here and there this week. Hopefully more will happen soon."

Anomaly states, "I'll add that to the staff talking points for her to address her intention with the fashion changes, since we know that there's a good bit of jewelry in it. We'll see what she intends to do with the upper levels."

Anomaly says to Elysia, "That's meant for you."

Autumn says, "It's just... been a lot, from all directions. But it's one of those things that can ebb and flow, I'm sure there will be a quiet week soon and I'll be eager for more shit hitting fan stuff."

Elysia states to Anomaly, "No worries."

Anomaly says, "So, for the most part, things seem to have been good for everyone? Barring some mishaps of intense moments."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Leilani comforts Autumn.

Anomaly exclaims, "Alrighty, so, player topic - Marcella!"

Orrin states, "I'm thinking about redoing Orrin's skills while I have a chance...not sure though. I'm already going in a different direction with him than I planned to. But yeah, so far things have been good."

Anomaly says to Orrin, "Well, you're still a cyan, so that's very much an option"

Anomaly holds a portable email disc in his hand.

Anomaly stops using a portable email disc.

Orrin claims, "I just need to figure out what I want to change to."

Shaggy claims, "So, my topic is kind of related to my 'rough go' thing this week which seems to be ... we seem to be having an uptick in folks idling out and coming back and walking out of scenes. And I know there's no real solution to that but it can make things a bit rough at times."

Anomaly nods at Orrin.

Autumn says, "That has been kind of an ongoing problem, the idling thing."

Anomaly muses to Shaggy, "Was everyone in the scene emoting with a regular rate or were the people that idled out waiting a while for their turn to emote?"

Orrin states, "I admit I am guilty of it sometimes. I am sorry, its just sometimes RL gets super busy very suddenly and I get pulled away. I will try and be better about warning people."

Blight declaims, "Sorry, at work, wanted to say RP has been great this week. Okay, back to my corner!"

Autumn smiles at Blight.

Anomaly says, "It's always a good idea to let folks know if you're having to AFK."

Orrin states, "I will try and do better. I'm sorry if i upset anyone."

Autumn claims, "The other thing that just really helps is if you do have it happen, just note the person you were RPing with."

Autumn claims, "That can help tie up any loose ends that happen as a result of the sudden exit."

Anomaly states, "That said, on that subject since I sort've brought it up, I'd like to note for folks - please be courteous to other players you're rping with. Idling/logging out in the middle of a scene without warning can be frustrating for the other person. Other habits I've noticed include waiting half an hour to emote only to drop a few lines that can't really be reacted off of or a bit of meta behavior. "

Anomaly states, "So just keep each other in mind and everyone'll be happy."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Autumn says, "Waiting 20-30 minutes for a one liners can be depressing."

Leilani claims, "That would be when I start to Netflix binge and my attention ditches the scene entirely. Definitely keep one another in mind."

Anomaly muses to Shaggy, "Did you have anything else to say with your topic?"

Autumn asks, "It might be worth a general note maybe?"

Autumn asks, "For the people who don't read meeting logs?"

Ruth says, "If someone tells me before hand they'll be slow I'm pretty fine if the RP moves slowly. So maybe give people a heads up or something."

Autumn nods at Ruth.

Anomaly says, "We'll take a look at it and see if we need to post a general note or not. I'm not ruling it out."

Autumn claims, "If I know a scene is going to be busy, I just multi task and get work done between emotes."

Autumn states, "Erm is going to be *Slow. sorry."

Shaggy claims, "No it was mostly just a general reminder."

Cypher claims, "I usually try to do that, sets expectations for your RP partners."

Ruth nods to Autumn. "Same."

Autumn says, "Slow scenes suit me well sometimes."

Autumn says, "Less emote anxiety >_>"

Anomaly states, "I prefer slower scenes myself, but only when they're with folks who are very descriptive in their emotes."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Autumn states, "Agreed."

Ruth states, "But I do understand RL happens and come first. This week I had to AFK suddenly, so I always at least try to drop a quick note saying I got to disappear or will be super slow. "

Anomaly nods at Ruth.

Anomaly states, "Things happen. Letting folks know when it does is just common courtesy is all."

Anomaly wonders, "So, anyone else had any topics?"

Autumn asks, "With the meta plot being wrapped up, is another one coming up in a bit?"

Rita twitches her nose.

Anomaly says, "The government change plot was like.. a mini meta"

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Anomaly claims, "The larger meta plot is still happening."

Tasker claims, "Just the construction of the death star"

Orrin wonders if the aliens are coming next?

Tasker says, "To bring order to my new empire"

Autumn grins at Tasker.

Tasker states, "I mean, "

Tasker declares, "Stocks!"

Anomaly says, "The aliens are always happening."

Shaggy claims, "Quiet down, Hux."

Leilani asks, "Someone got a pin for that balloon head he's got going on?"

Ruth asks, "There's a plot going on?"

Leilani smiles sweetly at Tasker.

Anomaly states, "The Aliens are sort of the major meta plot of the game."

Orrin trails off, "Tasker if you get a death star I want a shiny red lightsaber...."

Anomaly claims, "There just isn't an active plot header currently."

Tasker says, "Done"

Autumn loves the whole alien's angle.

Ruth says, "Coolies"

Orrin states, "And training on how to use it. So I don't pull a Darth Maul."

Leilani laughs.

Fringe says, "Obviously, I get to be Grand Moff."

Autumn is waiting for the robot uprising.

Tasker claims, "I am looking forward to more alien stuff! Hopefully now that I can, we'll start aiming some more stuff towards Scions. New laws, initiatives, that sort of thing. To make it more of a thing day to day in peoples minds."

Autumn nods at Tasker.

Anomaly finishes abruptly, "Well, I'm just gonna put this out there for everyone -"

Anomaly says, "Player actions and how the Scion stuff is handled in general, whether it be through org investigations/points or player run things through QP, etc, will determine the overall landscape of things that happen with the Scions."

Autumn claims, "I have an alien plot thing I need to finish, I have been waiting on a couple of things IC first, just taking longer than expected."

Shaggy scoots away from Fringe.

Autumn states, "Really enjoyed the Humanadyne interaction with Scions."

Ruth inquires, "How do you go about getting involved in the alien stuff if you're just a regular person?"

Autumn claims, "I like that it gives Humanadyne a role beyond just medical stuff too. >_>"

Anomaly says to Autumn, "The Humanadyne route with the Scions is an example of how the overall meta plot can be shaped. "

Autumn says, "A good place to get involved is via your org.."

Orrin questions, "How do you get involved in alien stuff. period?"

Anomaly says, "I won't give answers on WHERE it'll go, but I can certainly say that player response shapes outcomes."

Autumn states, "So pushing to get involved in what they're doing with it."

Tasker declares, "Welcome new Scion overlords!"

Anomaly says, "Contributing towards organization stuff is the best way to get involved."

Autumn claims, "Otherwise, there's plenty of things you can do on grid. Start showing racism towards scions. There's scion testing kits available, start testing your friends and family :)"

Orrin questions, "I thought you were our overlord Tasker? Are you retiring?"

Anomaly claims, "Players can individually come up with ways they want to involve if they're creative enough. Orgs are the best way though."

Leilani smiles.

Leilani's form shimmers as a sweetly scented breeze lifts her from her shoulder perch, carrying her up and away in the snow-hued guise of a single Lotus petal. [OOC]

Tasker claims, "I'm merely smoothing the path for our benefactors "

Tasker claims, "Welcome to City 17! It's safer here. "

Ruth pontificates, "Thanks!"

Anomaly says, "I'd like to note for folks - We see people occasionally feel like org leaders are the only ones who matter in this. That's far from the truth. 90-100 percent of the time, the involvement of plots around org leaders is a direct result of teamwork and effort from the Orgs as a whole, and it's not always focused around those leaders either."

Orrin trails off, "Hmm. I'm not sure I want alien life forms telling me what to do and how much I can drink...."

Autumn claims, "I really, really want org members to contribute to plots. It kind of really sucks when no one does ;_;"

Cypher asks, "Is it an unwillingness to contribute or an overall lack of not knowing how to contribute?"

Fringe claims, "I think it's a bit of both."

Blight says, "Yeah my org members are super awesome about contributing. They rock in every way."

Orrin isn't quite sure how best to get involved honestly.

Autumn claims, "It can be both, but have tried helping people along with the ooc side of things."

Ruth claims, "I got to do my first plot recently. It was fun, but still very new on getting involve and what I can and can't do. "

Anomaly says, "I put a lot more weight into how I handle a plot advance if I see that there's on grid RP being worked into it and multiple players involved on at least some level to contribute."

Fringe claims, "I think a lot of people are intimidated by contribution sometimes."

Autumn states, "I'm a huge fan of including PCs over vNPCs and doing on grid stuff towards plots."

Blight says, "Also if you're in an org and you want your org to run something for you, by all means ask. I'm always thrilled to get ideas from my people."

Fringe states, "They might feel that they have nothing to contribute, too."

Fringe nods at Blight.

Anomaly claims, "Frankly, Ruth, there's not a lot you CAN'T do. If there is, staff will let you know and we'll never look poorly on it."

Rita claims, "Its always better to -try- something than not do anything"

Orrin muses, "The worst staff can say is no I guess?"

Autumn states, "Agreed Blight, I've told people to contribute guild plots and I'll submit the opoints for it."

Orrin states, "Better to ask and try."

Ruth states, "Awesome! Then I shall try that. I'm always a bit nervous about joining stuff without an official invite. Just my own nerves."

Autumn states, "But definitely give plots a shot, feel free to be creative with how you contribute and help out. I just mostly contribute drugs >_>"

Anomaly states, "Orgs get a certain amount of org points per week and the ONLY way to submit an org plot is if it involves the entire org. If you see one created by your org leader, and you're a member of their org, you're welcome to contribute to it in a way your character would be involved. Largely, this will involve RP with members of your organization."

Anomaly states, "Success is determined based on the work we see put into it, including items, credits, and QP contributed as well."

Autumn states, "I'm pretty sure the plot room has like 100 stims in it by now."

Blight states, "I'll throw my IP and QP into my org's stuff too. I want them all to feel like they're all getting plot attention."

Autumn nods at Anomaly.

Orrin claims, "I have a few rough ideas for plots or agendas I want to push, knowing how to go about them is the hard part. I know what i want to try and do. Not how to do it. If that makes sense."

Cypher states, "I'm in the same boat Orrin."

Autumn states, "I would suggest just starting with a really simple plot to try it out."

Ruth states, "I love the org I'm involved it. It opens a lot of RP for me."

Anomaly claims, "Another note, since Autumn brought it up - Members of an org can create a plot advance even if they aren't the leader. They just need to get the org leader or second in command to actually apply the org point."

Autumn claims, "My first one was simply getting a better deck (back before we could make them)."

Anomaly says, "Think of it like trying to start your own project within an organization and needing approval from your boss."

Autumn states, "I kind of made it a requirement to advance to the top ranks in humanadyne >_>"

Autumn coughs.

Orrin claims, "Like Orrin would love to go against the five families and 'encourage' people to be more peaceful in thier dealings with each other. He also wants to help support the few catholics in the sector. But how to accomplish these things alludes me.."

Shaggy states, "Actually that does raise a question."

Autumn wonders, "Orrin, have you looked at projects?"

Autumn says, "And civ metrics."

Anomaly wonders, "What's the question, Shagster?"

Orrin says, "No."

Autumn states, "Both those tools could achieve those things quite well I Think."

Orrin questions, "I will check those helpfiles after the meeting then! If there are helpfiles for them?"

Autumn claims, "So, civ metrics is a way you can effect the actual landscape of the grid. So you can work against the metrics that aid five, and aid metrics that would suit supporting other things."

Autumn states, "There are. Try just typing: civ report"

Joon muses, "So are the only benefits to orgs for a change in civ metrics the ones listed in the help file?"

Autumn exclaims, "Orgs gain more monies the higher their metrics are!"

Autumn says, "Also more opoints, and more support."

Joon pontificates, "Got it. Thanks!"

Shaggy says, "Sometimes there are plots to make new stuffs, what's the proper line between that being a plot or an Idea, given the new idea about more plots being staff scenes and things."

Orrin inquires, "How do I do a project? And how do I gain the influence needed to effect the civ report?"

Anomaly states, "We tend to be more strict if there's a plot advance towards making new things, and typically we restrict that to The Collective and Humanadyne since they're both technological fields."

Autumn claims, "I tend to do ideas for things that probably should be around, that aren't. And plots for new things that don't exist but are being invented."

Anomaly states, "That said"

Anomaly states, "It's really down to how much work is put into it and how reasonable the request is."

Shaggy questions, "Well what if something already exists but there's just no craft? Is that less making a new thing and just suggesting PCs could make it?"

Anomaly states, "Example - Humanadyne really wanted a few medicines that benefitted everyone on grid to have available. They submitted a big thing in a plot advance, put in a bunch of items to contribute, etc, and we eventually made the crafts. This is a lot of work for us so we ask this be done very sparingly, but if there's a lot of player work behind it, we love it."

Anomaly states, "Another example was Aizu-Shoto developing the Mk2 power armor."

Elysia is idle.

Cypher trails off, "Well then, I may have my idea now..."

Anomaly says to Shaggy, "We generally prefer it be put to ideas board."

Autumn states, "I try to space out the different types of plots, between research etc and other things. But yeah I should probably do that more. >_>"

Ruth questions, "Can players run mini-events? If so do they pboard it or do a plot advance or something else? Also does it have to be tied with a particular character or can they make an NPC specifically for the event?"

Shaggy states, "You could run an ST."

Anomaly states, "Development like that was mostly just something we originally planned on for Aizu-Shoto to be able to do every six months or so because it fit very thematically to them to be able to do."

Anomaly states, "Humanadyne sort of got that extended to them because they do cybernetics and medical research."

Autumn says, "Yeah a lot of it initially was about filling the medical craft tree."

Tasker states, "CorpSec is just about to release Justice MK2"

Autumn claims, "Back when we had like 10 things, and now there's much less of a need."

Cypher muses, "So in the Computer lines of things, would this also fall towards the Collective?"

Shaggy weeps in just wants to make pasta sauce.

Anomaly says to Ruth, "You're talking about STs."

Anomaly says to Shaggy, "Put up an ideas board post for it."

Elysia states to Ruth, "STs are great for mini-events, and you can definitely craft NPCs for that."

Ruth declaims, "Awesome!"

Elysia says to Ruth, "Check out help story."

Autumn wonders, "Have people had a chance to play with dotbots yet this week?"

Anomaly states to Cypher, "Computers is sort of its own beast, to be honest."

Shaggy states, "I'm not sure everyone knows how to interact with dotbots or that they are a thing."

Anomaly claims, "If you're a grandmaster slicer, and have a technology company to back you in trying to develop something, you're welcome to give it a try. We can't gurantee success because it's still very much in development stages."

Anomaly claims, "But we won't say you're being dumb for doing it either, because it's cool."

Cypher says, "Thank you for the explanation on that Anomaly."

Autumn states, "There's two new items in the shop and a computer craft that lets you make them."

Autumn says, "It's all implemented now."

Autumn claims, "And you can throw them up around the grid."

Cypher states, "I don't know how to use AR or I would try them out Autumn."

Anomaly claims, "Dotbots are essentially advertisements and holograms only visible if you have VR capable cybernetic eyes and/or an item that grants VR."

Anomaly states, "Examples of the item are the engineering goggles."

Autumn wonders, "How does one go about say.. setting up things like tech companies? Or IC kind of orgs?"

Anomaly states, "A lot of that's part of the Collective."

Autumn says, "I know I See a lot of people talk about having that kind of stuff. Whether it be a vNPC group that they're leading."

Shaggy claims, "I'm not sure we need more Orgs right now."

Autumn says, "I'm not asking about a new org."

Autumn wants less orgs, not more.

Tasker wonders, "Could I get a trans out? I think I'm going to disintegrate"

Anomaly claims, "If a character happens to be a very high level slicer and a lot of credits/stuff to work into it, we wouldn't be against them having like a startup in their background stuff."

Tasker has been transferred out by Anomaly. [OOC]

Autumn wonders, "Would start with an IC shop and then work from there via RPA?"

Anomaly states, "Yeah, that wouldn't be a bad idea. Just know that we take into account other org stuff, so we're not going to do something like making Collective only things available to someone just because they did that."

Autumn claims, "Oh definitely not."

Autumn muses, "Computing isn't yet Collective only right?"

Anomaly states, "It's not, no."

Autumn states, "Erm decking/slicing/etc"

Anomaly says, "We don't intend to make it Collective only either."

Fringe says, "I don't think it'll ever be collective only. That'd be silly."

Shaggy claims, "I think Niamh said last meeting even if things aren't Guildskills there might be IC pushback about who sells what and whatnots but that's settled IC."

Anomaly claims, "Yeah, exactly"

Blight claims, "Yeah. Better to not make it a Collective guildskill. I don't want that."

Anomaly claims, "The Collective is welcome to give whatever pushback they want over it in character, but staff aren't going to codedly support it."

Cypher claims, "No, but I imagine it will get much harder to accomplish higher tier Computer things without being part of the Collective."

Blight says, "Yes."

Autumn states, "Almost impossible even with some of the computer crafts."

Cypher trails off, "Yep..."

Blight says, "That's where the heavy hand of corporate reality sets in."

Anomaly claims, "Computer craft skills have intentionally been made so that none of it -requires- having more than 36 engineering."

Ruth claims, "I had an idea concerning that issue, but going to deal with that IC"

Autumn states, "There's some crafts in computing that do require 36+ now."

Shaggy states, "Yeah, there are."

Anomaly muses to Autumn, "Which ones?"

Autumn states, "1672"

Cypher claims, "Scrambler."

Shaggy claims, "Anything that requires the advanced circuit boards."

Anomaly claims, "Oh, huh, yeah, that was the newest thing."

Autumn claims, "Bea's invention, she can't make ;_;"

Anomaly claims, "I might take a look at that. I specifically made a lot of the programming items made by computers itself."

Anomaly states, "Since the theme is a lot of it is codewizarded up, not something a tech engineer would have made normally."

Anomaly claims, "Anyway"

Anomaly declaims, "We're at the end of the hour!"

Anomaly states, "Gonna trans everyone back."

Autumn declares, "Thanks!"

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