Changelog - May2020

Logs of the in-game HELP CHANGES index.

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Changelog - May2020

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* Molybdenum grease and rubbing alcohol prices rebalanced.
* Permanent tattoos added to artwork!
* Sacred Heart subway stop added in the West Side.
* Dregs ganger mobs made non-lethal, still very aggressive.
* Content for music channel, frequency added to help IC Channels.
* A place to bury people added to the dregs.
* CanineBots added to engineering.
* Screen_reader toggle display for hacking updated to clarify streams.
* Adderall stimulant injections now boost int by 15.
* Wheat and sugarcane plants added.
* AFK and IAW statuses made visible on wholist.
* Help mobjobs updated.
* HELP DOTBOT added and relevant Computer skill created.
* SMS TIN scramblers added to Computer.
* Indigo plants and indigo dye recipe added for a player milestone.
* Work yards added to the grid.
* Organic flour and sugar added to gardening.
* East Side Halfway House added to the grid.
* Cybernetic degrade rates and system updated.
* Credsticks in various denominations added to unskilled. <Craft unskilled> to see them.
* Bulk recipes added across crafts.
* Full outfit recipes added to fashion.
* Keurigs and K-Cups added to Z-Mart
* Band-Aids added to medicine and Z-Mart.
* New recipes added to construction.
* Champion system retired, skills above cap of 75 refunded to players.
* New recipes added to engineering.
* Notake or installed items are no longer slippable.
* Screen-reader setup added for visual helpfiles, e.g. help plant list.
* Look dir <direction> added to allow overriding problematic item keywords.
* Wary flag added for folks using lockpicking.
* Limits added to picking up item_type furniture from other peoples' homes.
* Item weight limit on picking up items from other peoples' homes added.
* University District groundwork lain, visitable by subway.
* Paintings now require a drying period before tooling.
* New helpfile for HELP SMALL-WORLDING added to policy index.
* Special command for using smart contacts added: smart <recip> <message>.
* Concealing clothing should hide cyberwear appropriately, but not masks.
* New recipes added to cooking.
* Database entries will notify both orgs when an entry is shared.
* Can no longer retool currently worn items. Whoops.
* Census updated with Workers Union, Initiative removed from display.
* Gpay/pay updated to use 'org' instead of 'guild' as second argument.
* Crimelab entries added for lobbing explosives/using flashbangs.
* Martian weather format tidied up.
* Messaging around the Blackout program updated and clarified.
* Improve IP costs varied by class. See HELP IMPROVE for ratios.
* Fishing for specific things at master or higher should work now.
* Thing with face items not displaying tentatively resolved.
* Disease messages for the infected and diagnoser rewritten.
* Hydrocortisone, charcoal, antidote, sterilizer, abortifacient in Medicine.
* Grandmaster MK-1 Power Armor recipe added to Engineering.
* CorpSec's verify command spiffed up, uses ID instead of "papers."
* Cloud Nine, Lullaby, and Bliss recipes finished for Mixing.
* Barbiturates, Adderall, and Hydrocodone added to Medicine.
* Diagnose spiffed up, diagnostic scanning devices given a coded purpose.
* Cyberdoc moved into a Humanadyne orgskill.
* New recipes added to artwork.
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