OOC Log for Friday, May the 29th, 2020

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Sat May 30, 2020 1:36 am

Niamh claims, "Okay so! Staff updates. Leilani's up."

Leilani states, "As predicted, I was pretty inactive this week. I just added a few new crafts to a few trees and helped out a little with boards. My accomplishment of the week is that hair dye is finally in. You have 25 shades to play with in amenities and if you want any new colors added, just pboard me with your suggestions and I'll see what I can do."

Fringe claims, "Time to dye my hair in a rainbow colors like all the cool NPCs."

Tasker says, "I've just pictured a criminal gang that kidnaps people and dyes their hair silly colours. "

Kitty exclaims, "DO IT!"

Ruth says, "The best gang."

Melisande claims, "Less lethal, more fashionista gangs."

Fringe states, "We could call them the Rainbow Brites."

Shaggy questions, "Actually, can we have something for Holi so we can dye Corpos like this?"

Shaggy says OOCly, "Just toss it at them and run."

Tasker gets a pair of shiny silvered steel corporate security handcuffs from a slim-fitting tactical equipment belt with a large holster.

Richard states, "Paint guns for police so they know who to arrest."

Niamh exclaims, "Anom's thing this week was keeping up with plot advances and running a few scenes for folks. Azrael is on haitus. Mont bailed me out of multiple code holes as per the norm. We're looking for a dedicated plot staffer, so if you think you might have the time and inclination let us know!"

Niamh claims to Shaggy, "That would be hilarious."

Anomaly claims, "This was a busy week for me plot-wise, though it may not sound it with my shorter blurb! This last week I ran a scene for the Collective and Workers together. Also did a major plot scene earlier this last week for the playerbase as a whole. They both seemed to go well, or at least I'd hope so. Currently in a cooldown period now as we're likely to focus on more smaller plot things for a bit to give folks a chance to sort've just cool off before moving on to the Next Big Thing(tm)."

Niamh declares, "Oh, Anom is here!"

Leilani has transferred Blight. [OOC]

Anomaly states, "Sorta here. Just had that prewritten to help."

Leilani gives Blight some money.

Blight pontificates, "Thanks!"

Niamh pontificates, "I've been focused on expanding and updating the Dregs this week. There's a new subway stop off room right outside the church, the gangers are no longer lethal, and I'm about two thirds of the way through the Dregs' own "night market," which is located up on Access Road. Ran a little scene with a puppeted NPC. I think that's it for me!"

Vayl is jelly they weren't there for the scene.

Fringe inquires, "Are the mobs still gonna hurt people who are redlisted?"

Niamh claims, "Yep"

Vayl says, "Yeah, I believe their MO now is beat you shitless and leave you in the dirt."

Vayl claims, "Like any good ganger would."

Melisande has reconnected.

Vayl asks, "I gotta resay that in terran?"

Sera claims, "Nope."

Niamh wonders, "Oh crap, we didn't get a list of folks with topics. Does anybody have one they'd like to bring up after the next segment? I'll keep a list"

Ruth claims, "Me"

Niamh says to Ruth, "Got you"

Shaggy claps her hands together and says, "I'm so excited about the subway stop. I'll even try and clean it up."

Niamh grins at Shaggy.

Sera states to Niamh, "Sign me up."

Niamh states to Sera, "Got you"

Autumn says, "Same please."

Niamh claims to Autumn, "Got you"

Shaggy says, "I have something quick but I can go at the end."

Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Blight says, "Quick question as well."

Niamh nods at Blight.

Niamh claims, "Got you"

Niamh asks, "Okay, got everybody I think. How was the game this week? Good, bad, neutral?"

Fringe says, "Was a pretty good week, I think."

Blight says, "It was great, had a lot of enjoyable RP"

Niamh exclaims, "Great!"

Ruth claims, "Same for me. Lots of fun RPs."

Vayl states, "Had ab it of a crisis, but niamh knows all about that ;) All good now."

Niamh nodnods at Vayl.

Obsidian states, "Sorta helped deliver an IC baby. Totally did not fail an agility roll and almost drop it."

Cypher states, "RP was very good this week, yes."

Kitty states, "He did."

Autumn claims, "Had some pretty fun scenes with people. Enjoyed the big convention, even if I was kind of dead the next day. Struggled a bit finding time to RP with everyone I needed to when I could be around."

Tasker claims, "I need to get a throne strung up for the king of space"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Autumn says, "I imagine now a golden toilet."

Niamh says to Autumn, "Bingo"

Fringe states, "Skulls for the skull throne."

Leilani trails off, "Next on the construction list..."

Tasker says, "Well it kills two birds"

Leilani states, "One. And two."

Kitty claims, "Only if it has a water fountain attached."

Autumn states, "That would make meetings in the throne room interesting."

Leilani states, "Holocalls."

Niamh says, "The Provost Bidet."

Autumn states, "And make flaming poops so much easier."

Kitty exclaims, "And a mini-fridge built into the bowl. Never have to leave!"

Shaggy claims, "One step closer to the people from Wall-E at that point."

Kitty says, "Already feeling that with COVID. Minus the space part."

Leilani claims, "5 qp to whoever puts a fridge beside their john and rp's it."

Cypher questions, "IRL or in game?"

Kitty trails off, "Hey, was my idea..."

Richard states, "Me"

Kitty asks, "You RP IRL?"

Leilani says, "Larp ftw."

Cypher trails off, "I may have a fridge by my toilet..."

Autumn says, "So now I want to know, how many people have john objects in their phomes.."

Fringe questions, "Do we even have toilet items?"

Melisande claims, "Vnpc toilets."

Kitty says OOCly, "Larp is typically without toilets..."

Shaggy claims, "We did ... but I don't know if people buy them less now you can't get them fancy tooled. xD"

Kitty states, "And yes, there are toilets in help phome as amenities."

Leilani claims, "Remember @operate is a thing if you buy a john and retool. Could probably just retool a construction chair too."

Niamh exclaims, "On to topics! First one was an anonymous one"

Niamh claims, ".. - First topic was an anonymous one about the availability of basic education for proles (and others) - primary and secondary school up through 18 years old is compulsory for everybody. There may be exceptions, but they would be very rare - it would be like hearing about somebody in the U.S. today who had no schooling of any kind. You'd definitely be wondering how in the world they pulled that off."

Niamh states, "Outsiders not withstanding, of course, but they're not yet open, so no worries on them just yet."

Autumn questions, "Wouldn't that be something to seek out IC... or is it more... a change to lore?"

Melisande says, "Help Education seems pretty good about explainers there."

Sera states, "Pretty sure that's been the lore for a while now."

Niamh states, "Preexisting stuff."

Anomaly states, "If anything, it would be easier in this era for people to get schooling due to the availability of matrix side classrooms and brick and mortar establishments."

Autumn asks, "So it's actually just more an issue of people being more aware of existing lore on the topic?"

Tasker asks, "What's the state of higher education?"

Sera states, "Pretty sure that's in help education, too."

Kitty inquires, "So, basically, if someone says they are unschooled, we probably ought to look at them like they have a booger hanging out of their nose?"

Tasker questions, "Is it prejudiced in any regard to classes?"

Sera says, "Yep."

Melisande says, "Seems standard for Corp and Peers, not so much for Proles but not entirely unobtainable."

Niamh claims to Autumn, "I think so. I'm not sure on the exact situation behind the question, but that's what I'm figuring."

Tasker says, "Oh, it is. Heck."

Anomaly says, "It's really not that different from today's world in that aspect."

Autumn says, "Will admit, I wasn't aware of the helpfile myself."

Fringe inquires, "College is hard for proles to get accepted too, but not Corps/Peers, is my understanding with this so far?"

Autumn says, "So will definitely keep it in mind, RP wise, moving forward."

Autumn nods at Fringe.

Sera states, "Another helpfile you may not know about: help hosts"

Anomaly says, "And it's not likely due to the colleges turning their noses up at them so much as simply not having the creds for it."

Autumn states, "Ooooh."

Niamh states to Anomaly, "Both."

Shaggy says, "I think the IC situation was possibly around developing more of the 'vocational schools' of higher education it implies for Proles."

Autumn claims, "Hosts is useful. I feel like that should be linked to in another helpfile"

Autumn questions, "Could it be added to help guilds/orgs?"

Melisande states, "And Peers just have to show up and breathe to get a degree. Maybe they don't even have to breathe."

Anomaly nods at Niamh.

Niamh nods at Melisande.

Niamh states, "Corps would have a major advantage, but a peer who gets excellent grades and has the talent for some scholarships can go through university. Those two things just aren't especially easy."

Niamh states, "Errr, prole. Not peer"

Niamh states, "Omg"

Tasker says, "Those peers have such a hard time of it :("

Melisande says, "Hard out there for a peer."

Niamh states to Shaggy, "Vocational schools would be an interesting idea. I've never really thought about how those would fit into things."

Richard claims, "Are there gravball team scouts"

Niamh claims to Richard, "YES"

Fringe claims, "I think the Syndicate probably has scholarships in the art of ass-kicking. *sagenod*"

Autumn states, "I could see medical education being handled by Humanadyne."

Ruth states, "It might be nice to have schools in the game"

Niamh wonders, "Are vocational schools specifically for proles something people are aiming to work toward IC?"

Anomaly says, "Probably wouldn't be unheard of for a prole to try to get a gravball scholarship"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Niamh says to Autumn, "Me too"

Richard says, ".. reroll time"

Fringe says, "I think it's something that people were trying to work towards, with the new political situation."

Shaggy claims, "I believe it's an IC effort people are looking to encourage with the University Sector going in, yeah."

Preposterous has lost link.

Blight says, "This is why I was so confused as to why people were saying proles had no education. I was like, what. Not according to the helpfile. I was hella confused."

Autumn nods at Blight.

Kitty states, "I would think it would depend on jobs. There is 'on the job training', etc. People seem to be greedy enough to not want to waste the time to train someone not working for them."

Niamh says, "Interesting. I don't think that'd conflict with theme. While a basic education is something everybody is way more likely to have than not have, a vocational education for the lowest classes isn't really a thing we've established. I suppose thematically that could be that there's not enough profit in it, which would make it a plausible thing for players to pursue on their own steam."

Niamh nods at Kitty.

Sera claims, "I would think that it'd be similar to the US today. An option but not forced/always available to every prole."

Shaggy claims, "I'm a big fan of ideas that are good for Proles, but don't neccessarily turn profits, Comrade."

Sera says, "Let people have their vocational educationa background... or not."

Melisande inquires, "So, on a related front, would there still be medical/law schools?"

Niamh asks of Autumn, "Which helpfile did you mention 'help hosts' should be linked from?"

Vayl taps his communicator and checks his bank account.

Shaggy claims, "I think it was more like establishing it some way whether it's a building or a helpfile on school names etc, let's people possibly RP about it."

Niamh nods at Melisande.

Sera states, "One of the org helpfiles would be good, for help hosts."

Autumn claims, "Oh, guilds or orgs I think."

Sera states, "Or maybe in a communication helpfile."

Sera claims, "Help email"

Autumn nods at Sera.

Anomaly finishes abruptly, "Law School - Stanton Redgrave's School of Punching Things Hard"

Autumn claims, "Help email is good too."

Niamh states, "Looks like I got it in help email"

Kitty asks, "That helpfile is also handy because it has the orghead email addresses on it. So, perhaps to 'help orghead'?"

Sera claims, "If anyone ever reads to the bottom of that, hah."

Autumn inquires, "Maybe help guild?"

Autumn says, "Or help guilds rather."

Melisande claims, "Then again, maybe they don't need criminal lawyers anymore."

Kitty says OOCly, "Help orgs here, no?"

Autumn claims, "Guild/guilds being different. >_>"

Melisande states, "Just Stanton punching people in the throat. That's the law."

Autumn claims, "Oh yeah, help orgs "

Niamh states, "Added to help organization/guild and help orgheads"

Autumn claims, "Thanks."

Niamh declares, "NP!"

Autumn claims, "I always forget email addresses. And was always checking that announce post."

Sera states, "Was a bit off topic, but I realized it never got announced when it was added. >_>"

Niamh claims, "Law school and medical school still totally things, albeit less distinguished and more corporate-funded."

Melisande says, "I was just thinking what would qualify someone as a doctor. Or if it's less government regulated in the future."

Autumn says, "And now I'm imagining my PC holding medical classes."

Obsidian states, "Birthing classes."

Kitty trails off, "I totally suggested that a few weeks ago..."

Autumn states, "So, I've been RPing that a legit doctor does require some official kind of training of some sort, with time on the job learning too."

Autumn says, "I have no idea if that is actually the case >_>"

Niamh claims, "That sounds perfect."

Sera states, "I've got a bunch of made up education stuff in my character's helpfile, and I don't plan on changing that."

Niamh states, "Government regulation is pretty much non-existing at this point in time."

Kitty states, "As Orghead, I figure that is your perogative."

Niamh grins at Sera.

Niamh says to Sera, "It's open-ended in that way to allow folks to establish their own details. All good."

Sera declares, "I figured!"

Niamh trails off, "Lets seeeee... "

Melisande says, "I might just be overthinking it."

Niamh grins at Melisande.

Niamh says, "Nothing wrong with that."

Niamh declares, "Topics-wise, we've got Ruth up first. Go for it Ruth!"

Ruth says, "This was just an idea for the Xiaolong Arena. I think it's an awesome space that could be better utilized. I had an idea of actually having people buy tickets like the dispenser and it triggering shows that auto populate like the ambience mechanism."

Fringe states, "Ooo."

Fringe claims, "I like that."

Leilani has transferred Duggin. [OOC]

Duggin slows to a halt.

Fringe states, "Though, I do believe there's a player on grid who was trying to set up a PC fight arena too."

Leilani gives Duggin some money.

Sera waves to Duggin.

Autumn nods at Fringe.

Duggin waves to Sera.

Tasker states, "To something someone said before, I missed it. I love lawyers, if anyone wants to play a lawyer there is 100percent going to be stuff for you to do and a spot for you to fill. "

Kitty inquires, "I thought there already was one?"

Niamh says, "Oooh. That's a cool idea. I can actually think of a way to do that right off the top of my head, which is awesome and unusual."

Leilani smiles at Niamh.

Niamh says to Ruth, "Marked down on the todo."

Kitty says, "A player made arena, I mean."

Ruth states, "I was thinking it might be fun to have player submit shows too and earn cred that way"

Autumn claims, "I've seen some lawyer stuff already which was pretty neat to partake in. So definitely agree."

Autumn nods at Tasker.

Fringe says, "There is, but it hasn't actually held any fights yet. It's a tricky thing to set up."

Richard states, "NPC gladiator vs PC glad"

Niamh states, "Would definitely angle for it being something players can choose to activate rather than something constantly ongoing, so if players are there and want to do a show themselves that's still an option."

Niamh waves to Duggin.

Niamh pontificates, "Hey Duggin!"

Niamh says, "Next up iiiiis... Sera! Lay it on us, Sera."

Ruth nod to Niamh.

Anomaly claims, "Sera bera bobera"

Sera claims, "Just wanted to remind folks about an ST I'll be running in a couple of weeks and which will be loosely but, I hope, playfully inspired by a scene from the 1989 Batman movie, which some of you may actually be old enough to remember. >_>"

Niamh swats Anomaly

Niamh grins at Sera.

Niamh claims, "Very nice."

Autumn grins at Sera.

Tasker declaims, "Wooooooo!"

Sera states, "Board general, note read 6, I believe. So if you're intrigued by the hook and have a preference for date/time, please do pop into the Google form or send me a pboard to let me know, so I can try to pick a slot that works well. I generally like to keep ST's lighthearted and fun, even if there are tense moments/combat, with rewards and stuff at the end."

Obsidian is probably old enough. Just not cool enough.

Shaggy coughs about being old enough to remember.

Anomaly states, "We do love seeing ST's."

Duggin waves to Niamh.

Anomaly states, "And award ST runners handsomely for their work."

Autumn states, "I want to join in, I just worry I'd be making the holding of it difficult. >_>"

Current board changed to General. You can both read and write here.
There are 0 unread notes.

Leilani says to Duggin, "ST refers to a player run story. Help storyteller has a lot of information. It's like a DM scene, fully player run."

Sera states, "Bring your alts, bring your whatevers."

Duggin claims to Leilani, "That sounds like fun."

Sera states, "That's it for me."

Niamh exclaims, "Thanks Ms. Sera. Next up iiiiis... Autumn!"

Leilani plays with a colourful rainbow bandaid, with My Little Pony characters while eyeing Autumn.

Tasker claims, "Do you have a loicence for that"

Autumn says, "Okay.. I totally wasn't going to do a topic this week. I fail at restraint... >_> So, I love seeing the uptick in antag on grid, and the shady backdoor dealings that are going on. I love that we have this whole range of morally dubious characters willing to put their characters at risk to bring some conflict to the grid and keep things exciting. The game really needs those sorts. So this is kind of just a reminder, if we want to... keep them around, we have to be careful about how we react to them and what they do, and ensure that we give them opportunities so that while they are punished (if caught) that there are options for them to live to throw flaming poop bags another day.

Otherwise if things overesculate and they are just outright killed, we lose that fun aspect of the game, and players will be that much less likely to consider playing a bad guy and engaging in conflict on grid. This is kind of already solidified with the way in which CorpSec handles things, and they do a good job of that. Not saying you can't react to their dastardly deeds, or you have to let them off scott free, but there's plenty of fun torturous stuff you can do between a hand slap and death that adds to story, rather than subtracts."

Leilani exclaims, "It's mine!"

Leilani states, "I has 2."

Autumn gets a starry band-aid printed with little aliens and astronauts from a black, synthetic crossbody bag with a red Humanadyne logo.

Niamh says to Autumn, "Hah, that was my topic as wel."

Niamh states, "+l"

Autumn grins at Niamh.

Niamh states, "---> For a Niamh-Topic (groaaan) I wanted to bring up the issue of small-worlding. It was something I was nudged about more often than usual this week and chatted with a couple people about. I'd like to press that avoiding it is courteous in general, but it becomes a lot more harmful to engage in where antagonists are concerned. Antags are few and far between, so I'd like to ask that be sure to treat them fairly. It's very very easy to pin every naughty thing on an antag is based on MUD population, but it would be much harder to do so based on the IC population. Acknowledged everybody slips or has slipped in the heat of the moment at some point in their history, myself included, but lets try to be extra conscious of it. "

Vayl states, "As a 'professional' antag, I do like to have like, death as the last result for BOTH sides."

Autumn claims, "It was something I was mulling over."

Vayl declares, "Why kill someone when you can subjugate or extort them!"

Autumn says, "Exactly Vayl."

Autumn claims, "There's so many fun things you can do."

Blight states, "Sometimes that's the best option when letting them live is unfeasible."

Autumn claims, "Chop off some fingers! Cut out their kidney."

Obsidian trails off, "Might be worth remembering that on the other end too..."

Shaggy trails off, "I'm not sure everyone is going to have the same definition of 'fun' however ..."

Ruth states, "I love villians."

Obsidian claims, "If someone who isn't overtly antagonistic takes a risk and is automarked for death for it... well, that isn't fun either."

Autumn claims, "Absolutely goes both ways."

Blight says, "And that's the other part of it. Not everyone finds the same thing fun."

Autumn says, "Just because you don't find something fun, isn't a reason to kill."

Tasker claims, "I'll reiterate my position has law enforcement, getting arrested/caught is absolutely not the end of the line for any character unless they've done something ABSOLUTELY dastardly like murder a Corpsec. We won't have anyone lingering in jail for more than a day, and so forth. It's good that we have villains, but the objective is to tell a story. If ya just blast em' in the head as soon as they look at you funny, that's not a very good story for either side. It's better to draw it out, and make something fun with it. People rarely die, so putting yourself at risk more often than not leads to something hella cool, rather than spooling up a new character."

Tasker says, "As*"

Niamh claims, "That's very true. Everybody's got their own tastes. I think what's good to keep in mind is that one person's flavor not being another person's flavor is an acceptable expectation. On my end, all I'd be inclined to ask is that we be careful to avoid using softish meta information to put an end to what they find fun. Autumn's position is more on PK being the answer to things when there's other options, and I agree with that too."

Autumn states, "CorpSec do an amazing job of how they handle villains so definite props there."

Sera claims, "And on the heels of all that: if antag players could please keep their who titles clean of information that might make it obvious what they're up to, it'll really help with the cnote burden on the victims' end. I feel like I've been under extra pressure lately, even as the victim, to justify my character's thought process because of things that have been casually revealed via various OOC means."

Cypher is idle.

Kitty states, "Here's the thing I will add. This is a non-consentual MUD. Just because everyone who has "died" has been either banned already or... banned already, doesn't mean that nothing you do will risk death. Death might happen."

Niamh says, "Oof. Yes."

Cypher has returned from AFK.

Sera claims, "It's already a chore to be vigilant against smallworlding and metagaming, please don't make it worse. :)"

Vayl inquires, "I think there's an important question that hasn't been asked. What kind of crime or action does the mud consider justfiable of the death 'sentence'?"

Niamh states, "I'd say if you're inclined to PK somebody, that is perfectly fine - we allow it on purpose. What Autumn seems to be suggesting is not making that the go-to solution for every irritation."

Duggin inquires, "I have a quick question if I may?"

Duggin looks nervous

Niamh pontificates to Duggin, "Ask away!"

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Duggin wonders, "Okay. If I'm roleplaying an event, do I have to type in certain commands to make the roleplay work? or do I simply speak as I'm doing here?"

Kitty says to Niamh, "Which I am fine with. We just shouldn't remove it completely as a possibility."

Autumn says, "Completely agree, the game is non consent."

Niamh states to Duggin, "Usually you'd be using the emote or RPecho commands."

Blight says, "Oh I agree. It should be when it is the -best- option for a situation."

Niamh states, "Speech is rarely used with 'say', you usually work it into the emote by enclosing it in quotation marks. They automatically parse language and such."

Sera says to Duggin, "Help roleplay culture might also have some useful info for you."

Niamh nods at Blight.

Niamh states to Kitty, "Holy crap, you're right aren't you... Everyone who has died IC has been a wrap-up because the player was removed"

Vayl claims, "While the game is non consent, I don't think the game is non 'make sure the other players have fun, even if they lose'"

Kitty says, "As someone who has lost a beloved character elsemu, it does suck. But removing it as a possibility will make things stale. Things have to have risk."

Duggin claims, "Ah, thanks."

Vayl states, "It's not a rule, sure, but you can be a good RP partner :)"

Kitty states, "I never said that."

Anomaly says, "That said"

Niamh says, "I'd counter that engaging in PK doesn't make someone a bad RP partner. Death is a part of the game. I would just also nudge toward Autumn's sentiment - if there's other options that suit better, doing those is good."

Obsidian is done with overt risks personally when it immediately pointed to death. My fault, but not fun. Still trying to find that fun again.

Ruth claims, "Hmmm, I had considered playing a villain with an alt in the future, but I always thought it a given someone might eventually kill them. "

Anomaly muses, "Have we actually had any full PK's yet Niamh?"

Kitty says, "But, legit, people aren't going to like it if their characters die, no matter how pleasant you try to make it. But. character death IS a thing."

Shaggy claims, "Yes, which ... has put a certain bent on PK because there likely would have been some 'on grid' if folks hadn't been removed before they happened."

Niamh declaims to Duggin, "NP!"

Obsidian nods at Niamh.

Anomaly claims, "Because nothing makes the Anomaly happier than seeing conflict."

Niamh says to Anomaly, "Not yet. Just behind the scenes wrapups. I think a couple of those would have been a death if they hadn't been removed for other reasons, though. They were creeping up on it."

Autumn says, "I definitely want to see conflict and want it to continue. And even to see more of it."

Kitty says to Anomaly, "No. All wrap ups of people who have been banned or wanted to liquidate."

Sera states, "If you're going to play a villain, you should probably expect the worst and hopefully be delightfully surprised when your story gets to continue even after you did bad stuff and got caught."

Vayl says, "Well, it's good to see the remaining pbase don't use pkilling all that much ;)"

Niamh nods at Sera.

Autumn claims, "Just that sometimes killing someone can have the opposite effect."

Autumn inquires, "So the expectation is that if you play a villain, you should expect to not to play for long?"

Preposterous has reconnected.

Vayl trails off, "That seems... wrong"

Sera states, "I didn't say not that long. But everything has an ending."

Sera states, "I've played villains for years. XD"

Shaggy questions, "It depends on how you play your villain? "

Leilani wonders, "We've had some villain's about for quite a while, no? "

Leilani nods at Shaggy.

Kitty says, "If you play a bad villain, you won't last long, probably. Play a good one. Be sneaky. Be secretive. Don't tell people who will rat on you."

Blight claims, "Yeah. It depends on the villain."

Niamh claims, "I think it depends on the villain, though I'm basing that more on our sisterMU* than things that have had the chance to take place here. A very overt villain who spends their time mustache-twirling and tying people to railroad tracks doesn't usually last too long, they get caught quick."

Niamh states, "A villain who plays smart can last for -ages.-"

Sera states, "Just be prepared for an ending, at some point, as a consequence of playing a bad guy. If you go into it with that expectation, it might not be that dissuasive when your character eats it, that's all."

Sera claims, "Ages."

Preposterous claims, "And, good guys can have endings, too. Even if for just being in connection with the wrong people, and someone wanting to get back at those people. Death can happen in many ways."

Niamh wonders, "I think we can probably all agree with the sentiment, though, yes?"

Sera claims, "But I agree with Tasker and Vayl. Often better for a good story if there's an alternative to death."

Shaggy claims, "It also depends on the defintion of villian. You can be an antag to someone else or many someone elses even if you aren't a 'villain' as that seems to be a mindset more about alignment than outcome."

Autumn states, "Maybe I'm playing the wrong character."

Niamh says, "Where there's better options than PK, take the alternative. PK when necessary."

Vayl claims, "Equally, I feel even if you catch a villain and ARE in a position to kill them, and it'd be the best way to 'win' and get power by killing them"

Preposterous claims, "Just because it is purposeful here, and has to have a reason, doesn't mean that it can / should be non-existant."

Vayl says, "Just consider what's fun."

Duggin taps his communicator and checks his bank account.

Preposterous states, "Again as was said earlier, some things won't be fun for everyone. There may be scenes people don't like."

Preposterous claims, "That have endings they don't like."

Leilani claims, "And remember, everyone, even if you're upset with a character's actions in game, the player isn't that character and probably doesn't hold their views / share their personality / IC wickedness."

Vayl states, "So, we all try and compromise, that's how collaborative storytelling is"

Preposterous says, "You can give it a good shot, but there's nothing guaranteeing the person on the other side is enjoying themselves."

Tasker coughs

Niamh points at Vayl.

Vayl says, "Ofc, but we can still try ;)_"

Blight says, "Yes. Killing someone should be the best choice - if there are better ones, go with that. How a villain is played obviously matters. Sneaky and subtle will always go much longer."

Sera states, "If you play the kind of villain where you really force people into a position where death is the BEST alternative, that's, well -- why you should go into it with the expectation that your character will eventually bite the dust."

Niamh nods at Blight.

Autumn states, "I kind of never go into a character expecting them to die."

Anomaly claims, "I don't really hold much of a stigma against PK at all, tbh. Feels like a natural option. The only question is whether the story involved around it demands it and the characters involved are likely to choose that as an option or if it's purely the player being frustrated. If it's just frustration, that's likely a reason to step back and reassess the choice."

Obsidian nods at Autumn.

Niamh says, "I see nothing at all wrong with the overt villain type either, for the record. They can be a TON of fun to play off of and against. Rereading my other comment, it seemed like I was criticising those types. Not at all."

Blight says OOCly, "^"

Sera states, "Play all characters expecting them to die! You'll never be disappointed, hah."

Niamh chuckles.

Sera says, "Whether you're the victim or the assailant."

Anomaly says, "That's how I play mine."

Ruth claims, "I enjoy the villains I've met so far and I really hope to have them around for a good while. "

Preposterous trails off to Sera, "You just like people to die..."

Niamh claims, "Different outlooks for different folks. I definitely don't go into it expecting to die."

Autumn nods at Ruth.

Obsidian claims, "Truth. Just seems a bit like a waste of time to go into it with that outlook"

Autumn claims, "Same Ruth."

Niamh nods at Ruth.

Sera says, "I think death can be very impactful for stories, too."

Niamh claims, "Very much so."

Sera states, "Sometimes dying is how a story moves on."

Obsidian pontificates, "But, different strokes, different folks!"

Sera says, "I never said don't have fun and invest."

Preposterous claims, "The reaction of the grid when a character dies - a legit and loved character - is very whoa. It was moving the last time I experienced it. Not necessarily fun for me, but moving."

Richard claims, "When was that"

Anomaly states, "Wasn't here, Richard."

Preposterous claims, "Nope."

Niamh questions, "On topic: Autumn's point is that when there are other options that would be more engaging and better for the story overall, avoid eliminating the antag. I'm assuming we're all on board with that?"

Vayl claims, "Yep"

Kitty has lost link.
Kitty has reconnected.

Tasker states, "Kill em all and let the lord of the springs sort em out"

Niamh sets Tasker on fire.

Fringe snickers.

Preposterous claims, "I say it truly, truly depends on situation."

Leilani claims, "Omfg"

Tasker claims, "WHY"

Autumn says, "Will admit, my last major pc death left such a bad taste that I struggled with it, so likely colouring my view some."

Leilani claims to Niamh, "You just burned god."

Niamh exclaims to Autumn, "And hopefully I summarized that in a way that was accurate!"

Niamh nods at Autumn.

Sera claims, "I think we all agree it's also not a rule, so I'm not sure if that brings us full circle or what."

Sera chuckles.

Autumn says, "And yup, perfect, thanks."

Blight says, "Yeah I mean I think we all agree PK has a time and a place, depending on the story and antagonist."

Sera gives a thumbs up.

Duggin says, "Man, this is a whole heck of a lot to take in all at once."

Leilani comforts Duggin.

Sera pontificates to Duggin, "Welcome to the game!!"

Niamh comforts Duggin.

Niamh declaims, "Next up iiiiis... Blight!"

Vayl has lost link.

Blight asks, "Hey this is a simple question, likely. Are personal ships for corpies still limited to 5 rooms? Are org ships still limitless?"

Blight states, "Okay! Question answered."

Niamh says, "We keep them limited to 5 because they're not taxed, for the most part."

Autumn grins at Blight.

Blight states, "I said it was an easy one."

Kitty states, "Handy information."

Niamh claims, "It WAS."

Niamh pontificates, "Next up iiiiis... Shaggy!"

Vayl has reconnected.

Duggin declaims, "Zoinks! like come on Scoob!"

Niamh states to Vayl, "Blight's questions was about corp ships being limited to 5 and org ships being unlimited. Answer was yes."

Niamh grins at Duggin.

Vayl says, "Thankies."

Duggin claims, "Sorry, couldn't resist. The shaggy reference."

Duggin says, "I'll shut up now."

Duggin smirks to himself and chuckles quietly.

Shaggy inquires, "I'd like to talk about texting etiquette for a brief moment. Sometimes, folks seem to get a bit OOC bristly if you don't respond right away to texting. There's times where texting might not be super appropriate or realistic for folks in a scene to be doing. And if they are in a scene with other people as a reminder that it can be super spammy so just a reminder about being I guess understanding about it?"

Kitty trails off, "Even in real life, you answer texts when you can...."

Kitty states, "Or, well, I do."

Sera claims, "Should get ICly bristly."

Shaggy says, "Some people get agitated IRL too when you don't answer right away."

Niamh claims, "There is a part of me that's insanely tickled people get bristly about IC texts not being answered promptly... It'd be like RPing with my RL Mom."

Obsidian glances at that text he got on monday and still hasn't answered...

Kitty claims, "I know people that weave their texting emotes into their RP, so it'd take them a few minutes because they are in a scene."

The '%' character is not usable in communication for code reasons.

Anomaly claims, "Niamh gets bristley when I don't answer my IC texts promptly."

Anomaly states, "Can confirm."

Autumn says, "I tend to emote 90 percent of my texting, and do so when my character would make sense to incorporate it into her emote. Sometimes that's right away? Sometimes that's several hours later. Sometimes it's not at all."

Obsidian asks, "What's the ettiquet with smart contacts though?"

Autumn grins at Anomaly.

Obsidian wonders, "Are they supposed to be quite as invasive?"

Richard asks, "How about we make smart contact tezting a hidden emote by default?"

Niamh asks, "But yeah, always possible they're busy, in a scene, doing something else, crafting, or just straight up not wanting to answer texts right then. Feel free to get IC pissy if you'd like, but I'd really rather not be hearing about folks getting OOCly mad at other players for not promptly replying to an IC text. Is that legit happening?"

Cypher says, "I'd be good with that one Richard, that sounds legit."

Richard says, "So from far away it isn't obvious to others :)"

Blight claims, "There's people who just keep texting and texting when you don't answer and it's like omg obviously I'm not texting for a reason."

Autumn nods at Niamh.

Autumn states, "Well I think so."

Kitty claims, "That should be taken ICly."

Niamh says, "Oooof."

Leilani says, "Help block"

Kitty claims, "Non-responses should be taken ICly, people asking over and over and over should be taken ICly."

Autumn claims, "I have made use of block. :D"

Tasker says, "I want the ability to send gifs"

Obsidian claims, "Quiet works too."

Vayl claims, "If I'm not getting Osay's as complaints, I'll take any amount of text spam as IC annoyingness."

Blight says, "Yeah I do. And use block too. And throw my communicators in a safe. And quiet."

Fringe declaims, "You can, Tasker! Most people just do *Gif thing here*"

Niamh says, "If somebody's putting pressure on you OOC to do certain things IC, even something as simple as a text, it's okay to let me know. I promise I won't tear anybody's face off, just speak to them and explain why it's not okay."

Leilani smiles at Niamh.

Autumn thinks to herself, "Beatrix just takes down the network when she wants it to be quiet."

Tasker states, "I've been known to draw the odd 8=====D in texts"

Shaggy claims, "But yeah, maybe texting spam, particularly the Smart Contacts going as hemotes rather than to the room might help some stuffs."

Niamh nods at Shaggy.

Preposterous states, "... more often than he should."

Anomaly states, "That's a weak text penis, Stanton."

Fringe states, "When I do like, gifs, or emoticons IC, I do *fish*"

Niamh grins at Fringe.

Fringe says, "Unless it's like :)"

Autumn states, "Cucumbers are more edgy to send anyways."

Preposterous claims, "Once texting started, he had to send the first one as a penis. Like, the SECOND the reboot was done."

Obsidian says, "I think autoresponders would be awesome"

Tasker waggles an imperfectly folded, verdant green origami cucumber

Autumn grins at Tasker.

Autumn claims, "I knew I'd find a use for origami."

Shaggy claims, "Sadly, I can't grow cucumbers, I do have zucchini for sale though for all needs, after you buy it, it's not my problem."

Sera claims, "I think it'd be funny to fake an autoresponder."

Autumn trails off, "I have seen that done actually... "

Niamh says to Tasker, "Okay but why do you have that"

Sera claims, "SORRY. SERA CANNOT USE HER PHONE RIGHT NOW, AS SHE IS BUSY <insert mundane thing>."

Fringe states, "Secret, Niamh."

Shaggy states, "The Terran Node you are attempting to contact is not available."

Tasker says, "I can't tell you that"

Leilani asks, "Why does Tasker do anything?"

Niamh screams wordlessly.

Vayl says, "I hate to be a bummer, but we are over time and I believe there are other topics ;)"

Fringe says, "If we told you, we'd have to kill you."

Niamh states, "That was our last one, actually! Would folks like to return to the grid? Vayl's right, we -are- over the hour."

Vayl states, "Oopsie."

Tasker claims, "Vayl u instigator "

Leilani states, "You can't PK Niamh. Exception to the rule. You can't kill god."

Anomaly claims, "Junk him."

Niamh swats Anomaly a second time

Preposterous questions, "Could we burn her? Because she's a marshmallow?"

Niamh claims, "NO"

Fringe snickers.

Tasker withdraws a pair of shiny silvered steel corporate security handcuffs and motions for Niamh to put her hands together.

Autumn gets hungry.

Duggin says, "9:13 according to my computer's clock"

Leilani says, "Now I want to make roasted marshmallows as a craft."

Autumn grins at Leilani.

Preposterous states, "... Niamh? Get 'im."

Shaggy states, "Dandelion Marshmallows are fun to make and rather lovely."

Leilani says, "Snd smores"

Niamh places her hands out, wrists together, and nods to Tasker.
Tasker fastens a pair of shiny silvered steel corporate security handcuffs around Niamh's wrists.

Tasker states, "I am the captain now"

Niamh claims, "If you chip me I will eat it"

Duggin says, "I saw some engineering schamatics in a store and they look so cool. Too bad I don't have engineering."

Leilani asks, "Oh captain my captain?"

Tasker removes a pair of shiny silvered steel corporate security handcuffs from Niamh.

Duggin says, "I also saw an advanced hydroponic gardening kit, and I can't garden either."

Niamh chuckles.

Fringe says, "#NotMyCaptain"

Niamh inquires, "There's lots of stuff to buy and do, Duggin! Did you have a peek at the labor and trade skills?"

Leilani taps her wrist and snaps a photo of Niamh with an implant in her hand.

Duggin states, "I did. I'm unaccustomed in labor. I've got some mining and 2 percent in cooking."

Leilani has unloaded a photo of an unremarkable woman.

Niamh nods at Duggin.

Autumn says, "You'll get there, just takes time."

Leilani smiles at Duggin.

Niamh claims, "Yes indeedy. Joining an org is a great step, too. Opens up other skills and people to help you with them."

Duggin asks, "How do I find an organization to join?"

Kitty states, "Help organization"

Autumn states, "Type guild, it'll print out a list of them."

Niamh states, "You can enter 'seek' to get a list of 'em, and 'help orginfo <org>' for info"

Niamh says, "Then 'seek <org>' if you'd like to join one"

Kitty claims, "Or, actually, help information organizations"

Niamh highfives Kitty and Autumn.

Kitty says OOCly, "Boo, it says that exists, and it doesn't."

Kitty says OOCly, "OH! Yes it does.... I can't spell."

Kitty says, "I'll use say now."

Shaggy says OOCly, "I just realized my Org isn't on that helpfile. :("

Niamh declaims, "Alright you lot, I'll pop you back into the world. Thanks for everything and, as always, being the awesome that makes running this place so very worthwhile. See you next time!"

Obsidian has lost link.
Obsidian has reconnected.

Autumn declares, "Thanks!"

Niamh says to Shaggy, "Oops, will add"

Niamh waves.

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