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In subject of: Some Healthy Support
Date         : Sat Jan  4 22:49:35 2020
Expires      : Thu Sep 29 23:49:35 2022
To           : all
A Trivial Influence Event

Today we spoke with Humandyne's new Head of Cybernetics, Doctor London
Oaksley, who took some time out of adjusting to the new position to speak on
candidate Shija Sai's influence on Humandyne.  The Doctor commented on the
candidate reaching out to each of the organizations that benefit the Terran
Initiative and starting a thread of communication long before she made her
bid for the Presidency.

"Miss Sai like, super impressed me by her interest in the Organization, her
thoughtfulness on our impact to the entirety of Sol.  With Miss Sai's
assistance and influence, we've managed to bring several promising Doctors
onto our staff, as well as like, starting up several projects that will
benefit all of us.  It's a super tough choice with such worthy candidates up
and about, I admit, but I feel like for the Organization that I'm a part of
we should support the more experienced candidate." 

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In subject of: A Lotus Formal Announcement
Date         : Sun Jan  5 20:01:05 2020
Expires      : Fri Sep 30 21:01:05 2022
To           : all
Standing against a pure white background, nothing gives away the location of
one Arias SparrowHawke, Exalted One of the Lotus Circle.  He seems tired,
unshaven and likely to have seen better days, however, he smiles brightly and
says, "in light of recent events, I felt it prudent to make a formal
statement to all that has been happening as of late." He pauses there to dip
his head down gently and then goes on to say, "with the current issues
surrounding the threats to the Lotus and its members, I will not be giving my
support to any of the running candidates.  I do not wish to see any of them
attacked by these terrorists or slandered, merely because I have voted for
them.  I do, however, wish them all of them the very best of luck."

Placing his hands in front of himself, Arias then goes on to say, "in regards
to everything that is happening with Miss Daubigny as of late, I would like
to make a formal announcement there as well.  I understand she has hurt
feelings about being released from the Lotus.  Back when all this first
started, I sent out an email to all of my Lotus Flowers warning them of the
current dangers as I knew of them.  I asked them to not go anywhere alone, or
with anyone, they did not fully trust.  That they were to tell anyone their
exact locations if they were to go anywhere different or were near anyone
unfamiliar to them.  That I wanted them to keep safe at all times."

He pauses there to shake his head.  "These current events, the shootings, the
bombings, and so forth, most of the information I did not have myself until
the same time as everyone else.  The fact that people I know and love have
been shot, and in some cases, more than once, or their homes broken into? 
This information was never mine to give anyone and should have no impact on
the fact that Miss Daubigny was made aware of the potential danger, back when
all this first started," he says with a grim expression.

"I hold no ill feelings against Miss Daubigny, and I wish her the best of
luck in all that she does in the future, that is all," and with those last
few words, the screen goes dark while a beautiful Lotus flower spins slowly
in the middle of the screen.  

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In subject of: Sai Campaign: Presidential Platform
Date         : Tue Jan  7 11:40:36 2020
Expires      : Sun Oct  2 12:40:36 2022
To           : all
An Ostentatious Influence Event

A press conference was held in the grand convocation hall of the Terran
Initiative in Sector 7.  Presidential Candidate Ms.  Shija Shaasti Sai graced
the podium in her peerage finery, the gold and red having become her very
campaign colors.  Reporters and political figures alike were present for the
pureblooded Terran's speech while coverage was later broadcasted on news
networks systemwide.

"Citizens of our beloved Sol system," the dark-eyed lady spoke with graceful
clarity and command.  "It has been a rocky ride this campaign season.  I
think congratulations are in order for all candidates who were nominated for
this election.  Enlistee Hayze has inspired many of us with his passion and
headstrong belief in unity, and Mister..." She paused and stared blankly for
a while until her Terran secretary whispered to her.  The woman continues
with a thin smile, "Mister Ramsey has certainly put forth a good showing as

"Incompetence is a cancer.  It festers within one individual and its
consequences can spread to the people around them.  Thinking of this on a
global scale, it becomes a sickness that can ultimately hold back the
progression of the human race.  Do not let it begin with you,"  Sai said,
gaze steadfast on her audience.  "I urge you, fellow citizens, to go out and
initiate change for the better.  Join in organized efforts to uplift your
community, our society.  Never stop learning and broadening your horizons. 
Hone your strengths and then temper your weaknesses.  If we continue to be
productive, we continue to keep the cancer of mediocrity from seizing our
true potential."

Miss Sai went on to explain the key areas that her presidential platform
focuses on to aid in Sol system's productivity, alongside a helpful
holographic presentation.  They can be summarized as follows:

1.  Education

Establishing more quality educational institutions, granting scholarships and
sponsorships to promising organizational members, funding research projects
and etc.

2.  Colonial Diplomacy

Improving relations with off-world colonies, aiding in maximizing the
potential of each planet's unique assets, promoting import and export trade
across the Sol system

3.  Infrastructure

Clean-up projects for polluted/contanimated areas, beautification of Terran
sectors with local art, raising and funding of more affordable housing and
reparations to low-funded living for proles

4.  Interstellar Fleet

Financial assistance for spacecraft engineering and starship construction

5.  Organizational Development

A.  Aizu-Shoto

- Establishment of more technological and technical institutes in partnership
with Aizu-Shoto - Sponsorships and/or scholarships for promising engineers -
Grants for research projects, inventions, and etc.

B.  CorpSec

- Sponsorships and/or scholarships for promising and loyal CorpSec trainees

C.  Humanadyne

- Sponsorships and/or scholarships for promising Humanadyne medical or
cybernetics students - Grants for research projects, scientific experiments,
and etc.

D.  Lotus Circle

- Annual commissioning of one (1) major entertainment production of any
medium - Government support for project, workshops, and artistic endeavors
put forth by the Exalted One, as long as within reason and the budget and
situational priorities allow - Exclusive hiring of Lotus Circle performers
for Terran Initiative events

"These are my plans, Sol citizens.  I'm guaranteeing you excellence on my
part so long as you can do yours," Sai concluded, brows lofting and
confidence as radiant as the sun.  "If you don't like them?  Make something

The Terran peerage then thanked the congregation for their time and support
before departing the podium.  The applauding crowd fades into the slowly
rotating logo of the Terran Initiative.

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In subject of: Shija Shaasti Sai Elected President
Date         : Wed Jan  8 04:24:13 2020
Expires      : Mon Oct  3 05:24:25 2022
To           : all
Cameras flashing and mics wildly waving in the air, the grand announcement
was greeted by a throng of headline-hungry reporters in the marble halls of
the Terran Initiative.  The newly elected President, Miss Shija Shaasti Sai
of Sector 17, accepted her title with her hands over her heart.

At the podium, she gazed out over the sea of faces and said, "I do not intend
to waste your time with pretty speeches and promises when there is work to be
done.  All I needed to say, I've said during my campaign.  Let us

The murmurs of the crowd grew to a boisterous buzz of questions while the
golden gowned peer departed with her entourage. 

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In subject of: News Flash: Former President Hagen Kidnapped!
Date         : Thu Jan  9 20:14:28 2020
Expires      : Tue Oct  4 21:14:28 2022
To           : all
New stations across Sol begin to blare with headlines as all the major news
outlets pick up the story: In the early morning hours, the last security
detail of outgoing President Ronald Hagen left to escort the ousted
politician back to civilian life.  Along the journey his car was cut off from
the rest of the motorcade at a red light and an incendiary tossed underneath
rocked the armored car with an explosion.  A shaky comm video taken by an
unidentified witness shows hooded and masked individuals pulling the former
Initiative leader alive though dazed out of the wreckage.

CorpSec's arrival to the scene ended in a shootout and the death of one of
the insurgents.  An officer at the scene was injured but as of press time it
is expected they will survive their injuries.  Identities of either party are
currently considered classified.  There are no other noted casualties or
fatalities reported.

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In subject of: DWP - Parks and Recreations
Date         : Sun Jan 12 08:43:41 2020
Edited       : Sun Jan 12 09:20:51 2020
Expires      : Fri Oct  7 09:43:41 2022
To           : all
With no notice given to the media in the days prior, an overnight
announcement was made that the Terran Initiative is beginning its journey
towards improvements to its citizens' standard of living.  Senator Tokshi
hosted an impromptu Press Conference to reveal upcoming plans cultured by the
bottom up.  With only a three-hour timespan, various media branches sent
their available reporters to attend the meeting held atop the Terran
Initiative Station.  Attendance was exclusive past the security checkpoint
but those who received their passes were allowed to bring in required
equipment to record appropriately.

While Senator Tokshi has been noticed in the past for a lack of punctuality,
he arrived at Courtyard of the Allied Nations on time.  The vermillion-haired
Terran stepped up to the podium without much further fanfare.  Known for
never mincing words, his message began to the seated reporters who were
silently observing.

The inked up Terran gentleman with vermillion locks speaks with a distinct if
somewhat antiquated Sector 5 accent yet his enunciation is precise if harsh,

"Alright, thank you all for coming.  I will breeze through the normal
formalities for those watching this at a later time.  That way we don't have
people wondering who I am and why anyone is interested in listening to me
flap my lips at the drop of a hat.  My name is Victor Tokshi, the current
Senator in representation of Sector 5.  It is in my interest to best benefit
not only my own Sector but Terra as a whole one piece at a time beneath the
current administration."

With that being said and done, the man all but abandons the podium, not that
he had brought any paperwork with him upon the original journey anyhow.  He
had either taken time to rehearse the words or is confident enough to wing it
for the gathering present, unbothered by the flashing of drone cameras that
remain just unobtrusive enough not to earn a jaded glare from the otherwise
bitter-looking Terran.

"People of Sector Seven, I thank you for welcoming me to my most recent
visit.  You are a kind people, passionate and making do with the hand life
has given you.  An adaptable and inspiring image of the way our Sol has
always survived.  By making do with what it is given.  That being said, I
will not stand here and insult your intelligence with honeyed words and
exhausting verbiage with the intent of making the content appear most
lustrous than it is."

He punctuates these words with a simple, 

"Nothing I say to you now will change the way things are overnight. 
Violence, gang-related activity, a rift within our very communities.  I do
not have the magic answer to solve these issues, but today I seek to take the
first step upon that which will be a long journey of repairing these cracks
in the asphalt."

Once the Senator had found his place just in front of the podium, a
holographic display flashes up behind him, dwarfing those around it in one
massive projection of a beautiful park that looks eerily similar to Fengwang.
The images begin to present themselves with a slow pivot before carrying on
to the next one.

The most noticeable of the depictions being:

- An upgraded sports park based on the original design of Fengwang Park.

- An additional section providing a children's playground equipment from the
'Brighter Minds, Bigger Smiles'(TM).

- Upgraded perimeter fencing.

- Grill pits and canopy seating arrangements for park gatherings.

It is only when those four different images pass through that the man speaks
again, "Though these additions are meager I believe that they will only push
us further towards a united community.  To foster relationships with one
another, the foundation of luxuries no matter how minor." It is then he takes
a measured breath and that rather jaded demeanor fades into something of an
uncharacteristically amused expression as he bluntly remarks, "...  But I
know what you're thinking because I read over it..  Thought the same thing. 
A couple of grill pits, some benches, and a bit of polish?  Right. 

A shift from one leg to the other allows the Senator to reach back behind
him, tapping on the holographic device which flickers off only to bloom into
two separate projected images and he holds his hands out in a blatant display
of 'here you go'.

The structure of a building builds itself piece by piece before a communal
greenhouse twirls slowly in place for the herd of reporters, filled to the
brim with flourishing plant life.

The second is a gargantuan concrete corner that is slowly decorated with
unique artwork as it perpetually twirls.  The name 'Artist's Corner' flashes
over the image.

"Budgets have always been bullshit, and while the previously observed
additions will be entirely funded by the Terran Initiative, these two gems
can't be.  That doesn't mean that they can't become a tangible reality.  I
hope that as I press forward on this project if this is something people find
an interest in, we can strive to go beyond and above."

He gestures first to the Artist's Corner, a bias shown in which he favors,
"If the resources needed are met we would seek to build an Artist's Corner
within the park.  A large concrete canvas for aspiring artists and lovers of
art to visit and expose their talents to the world around us.  For both of
these goals, I intend to put forward my personal funds, but for the corner
alone I intend to donate materials to the public after construction is
complete.  As for the Greenhouse, I hope that with time, funding, and the
interest of the public at large, we can start with nearly around 30 plants in
heat controlled temperatures.  For some these 'meager hobbies' aren't nearly
as important to others, but these are the things that bring us together. 
Learning, teaching, enjoying in this Sector, united." 

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A note has been posted by: The Project Daemon
From room    : 99
In subject of: DWP - Reviewed and approved! Construction begins.
Date         : Fri Jan 17 00:00:10 2020
Expires      : Wed Oct 12 01:00:10 2022
To           : all
Finally reaching the end of its review, the DWP, also known as the Dang-Wang
Procedure or the Don't Worry Project, has proven to be a success and earned
the approval of Sector 7 residents.  Now with the boring legislation and
fundraising aside, construction begins throughout the Fengwang park, financed
by the Terran Initiative and their supporters with security privately hired
to protect resources going towards the project.

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In subject of: Humanadyne Chief of Medicine Steps Down
Date         : Sun Jan 19 20:03:15 2020
Edited       : Sun Jan 19 22:02:39 2020
Expires      : Fri Oct 14 21:03:34 2022
To           : all
After a series of closed door meetings, it is announced that Zagy Wiliams will be stepping down from the post of chief of medicine at Humanadyne.
His official anouncement says the following:

"When I first accepted this position, Humanadyne was shaken by scandals. I
Now its time for me to step back and let someone take control of the corporation.

I will still be working for Humanadyne, of course. I just won't be the Chief of Medicine anymore."

Comunicators flash as people take pictures of him. He continues to speak in his usual calm voice.

"It was a pleasure to have run this company. I swear to continue to do my best when it comes to my patients. I wish you all a wonderful day!"

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In subject of: A New Chief of Medicine Appointed
Date         : Mon Jan 20 19:49:13 2020
Expires      : Sat Oct 15 20:49:21 2022
To           : all
With little fanfare, a quiet internal transition that nevertheless caught the
attention of the Press.  Doctor Zagy, successor to the scandalous leadership
of Humanadyne, decided to step down, and in his place steps Doctor Oaksley,
previous Head of Cybernetics.  Catching the blond outside of Valhalla,
reporters peppered him with questions: what prompted this change, why it
wasn't announced more prominently, whether he was even old enough to run an
organization like Humanadyne.

Calmly, and with a bright smile, the sly-eyed youth informed the press that
it was an internal decision, that his experience as Head of Cybernetics had
allowed him a breadth of experience, and that he looked forward to facing the
challenges and rewards that come with such a position, and he was grateful to
Zagy for all the work his predecessor had done to keep the Organization
respectable and thriving after the negative press from Killashandra's reign.

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In subject of: The Shadow in the Sky
Date         : Fri Jan 24 21:58:23 2020
Expires      : Wed Oct 19 22:58:23 2022
To           : all
Saturday, April 8th Terran Standard Time, 2367, citizens in Sectors 7, 8, and
5 took to frequency 0 to discuss an oddity in the sky.  At first assumed to
be an eclipse, it quickly became apparent that what was blocking out the sun
was no moon - it was a spaceship.  Panic rapidly set in as civilians began to
realize what they were looking at, and while a representative from CorpSec
advised all those listening to stay indoors, few seemed to heed the warning. 
The streets were soon crowded with hovercars and bikes heading for the
spaceport, which was promptly closed off to limit traffic to and from the
planet.  Travel remains possible, but not everyone is getting through.

The Terran Initiative has advised citizens to stock up on food, water, and
needed supplies in the case of an emergency, as well as recommending that
those in the impacted sectors stay indoors.

As of yet nothing has happened.  The ship is simply there: hovering, silent,
and still.  No attempts at communication have been initiated by the vessel
with any Earth-based system.  
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: DEFCON Announcement & Evac
Date         : Mon Jan 27 23:38:14 2020
Expires      : Sun Oct 23 00:38:14 2022
To           : all
Holoscreens and communicators across the Terran globe are interrupted by a
plain black feed with blocky white letters that identify the announcement as
a Planetary Emergency.

A pre-recorded male voice calmly but firmly announces through the frequencies
in all human languages: "We interrupt our programming.  This is a planetary

A series of ear-grinding beeps and noises assault the lines.  These alerts
are identifiable as DEFCON 4 and 3 across the planet, while the deafening
blare of DEFCON 1 resounds from Sectors 5, 7, and 8.

In Sector 7, a deep even baritone is heard after a ligher beep:

"Good evening.  The President has authorized me to make the following
announcement.  As you already know, the skies of Sectors Five through Eight
are currently blocked by an unidentified vessel of colossal size, which we
fear may be hostile to humankind."

"Let me stress that an attack by the unidentified spacecraft is not taking
place at this time.  However, as a precaution, the President has ordered the
evacuation of all Sectors underneath its scope, as well as all communities
within a hundred mile radius of a strategic military installation."

"Once again, these evacuations are only a precautionary measure."

"We are doing everything in our power to prevent harm from coming to you. 
But even if this period of tension does, indeed, lead to violence, we -will-
come back as one civilization that has persisted and will continue to
persist and thrive, even in the face of the most merciless calamity."

After some garbled static, a more automated male voice takes over: "This
concludes operations under the Emergency Alert System.  All broadcast systems
and communicator frequencies may now resume regular programming."

Three harsh beeps conclude the Terra-wide announcement.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Later in the week, another Initiative-sponsored warning comes for Sectors 5,
7, and 8.  The President has issued immediate evacuation of all districts in
these sectors and those adjacent to the borders.  Citizens are advised to
stock up on supplies (e.g.  Food, water, blankets, first aid kits,
flashlights) good for fourteen days.

All spacebound shuttle services, both incoming and outgoing, within Sectors
5, 7, and 8 have been suspended.

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In subject of: CorpSec Deploys
Date         : Mon Jan 27 23:50:23 2020
Expires      : Sun Oct 23 00:50:23 2022
To           : all
Few can miss the shadow in the Sky, least of all CorpSec.  Within the
affected sectors, Citizens have noticed a huge reinforcement.  The Sectors
are brimming to the gills with CorpSec solider detatchments, defense
platforms and heavy munitions.  While the Officers report all is well, and
this is merely a precaution, it seems that CorpSec is taking this incredibly
seriously for the time being- as activity like this was only once spotted
before during the time of the Final Frontier crisis decades ago.  

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In subject of: Judge Masterson Rules Against Daubigny in Civil Trial
Date         : Sat Feb  1 00:49:18 2020
Edited       : Sat Feb  1 10:16:37 2020
Expires      : Thu Oct 27 01:49:18 2022
To           : all
Multiple civil cases against fallen celebrity Heylenne Daubigny were reviewed
in court Saturday, May 7th, 2367, some of which dealt with slander and
defamation against her former employer, the Exalted One Arias Sparrowhawke,
others with defamation against other members of the Peerage and citizenry. 

Neither the defendants nor accused were invited to court; proceedings were
held on holovid, and broadcast during the noon to 2PM block on Terran

Included among the matters at hand were verifiable falsehoods told by
Daubigny to news organizations, some of which involved accusations of sexual
misconduct by the Senate that she later confessed were fabricated to friends
and associates.  Attacks against multiple socially influential personages and
those among the standard citizenry, such as Miss Marcella Drummond, were
likewise confirmed egregious by the standing judge - a veteran of civil court of
some 50 years - His Honor Jon Masterson.  

In his judgement Judge Masterson confirmed that the injured had proven
Daubigny's actions were published, false, injurious, and underprivileged, and
thereby ruled wholeheartedly in their favor.  Daubigny was ordered to pay
reparations of 2,500 credits to the court, to be taxed and distributed to
those injured by Daubigny's actions.

Temporary restraining orders were issued against Daubigny for the Exalted One
Arias Sparrowhawke and prole Marcella Drummond, with a permanent order of
protection applied to President Shija Sayee, thereby allowing CorpSec to make
an immediate arrest of Daubigny should she come within 5 kilometers of an
of those named.  Likewise, all prominent news networks have been barred from
permitting Daubigny to serve as a source for any broadcast.  The temporary
orders to protect Sparrowhawke and Drummond will be reviewed after one month
to determine whether or not they will remain permanent.  

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In subject of: The Venus Two Tried and Executed
Date         : Sat Feb  1 12:32:16 2020
Expires      : Thu Oct 27 13:32:56 2022
To           : all
A breaking news announcement hits the HoloVids across the sector, a talking
head seems to be quite excitable.  "We have a breaking news report for you
now, Citizens, it appears the murderers who we have begun calling the Venus
Two...  Or, The Fox Face and the Other one- and the scorned temptress have
been tried for their crimes and found guilty after their arrest by our
valient CorpSec officers!  Here are a few snippets from the trial, believe
you me, it was a hum dinger!"

What follows are a rapid succession of cuts on the highlights of the trial,
it seems to focus quite heavily on the female CorpSec prosecutor with a
low-cut top.  "Guilty!" The Judge bangs his gavel, "On charges of multiple
counts of murder in the first degree, attempted murder of a CorpSec Officer,
possession and use of Class-6 firearms without authorization, possession and
use of high grade explosives.  Wrongful imprisonment, kidnapping, several
parking violations and resisting arrest.  It is my solemn duty now to pass
the sentence, and that is death, the minimum sentence I can pass for these
eclectic crimes.  Lawbreakers deserve no mercy." The Judge roars out, a fire
and brimstone sort of man.

The video cuts, and shows a snippet of the following execution.  The pair of
them lined up against the wall and executed by firing squad, by a line of
masked CorpSec Enforcers.

The video segment ends with an interview with the CorpSec Director, Stanton
Redgrave.  The man looks stern, and stony.  "Lawbreakers are a tumor on our
society, ladies and gentlemen.  They have to be cut out, and given Justice
for their crimes." A man of few words it seems, and then the video cuts to
the days entertainment news. 

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In subject of: Lotus News Announcement
Date         : Wed Feb  5 15:49:31 2020
Expires      : Sun Apr  5 16:50:00 2020
To           : all
                A bright lotus flower spins across a black holovids screen before it fades
out and into the view of one Exalted One: Arias Driver.  
He seems to be wearing his usual smart, formal outfit for this shoot and his
black hair has been tied up at the back into a very small ponytail.  "It has
come to my attention that some people feel I have been not seeing to the
needs of my Organization as of late," he says with a small smile and a shake
of his head.  "I am here today to say that this is simply not true, and
should I find out who is once more slandering my name without proof or facts,
will find themselves having to deal with my lawyers over these matters," he
goes on to say.  Those bright, azure blue eyes close for a moment and then
they open again, a charming smile resting on those lips of his.

"I have a good idea of which people are spreading such false things around as
they have done this before, claimed I have done nothing, when in truth they
have no idea what even goes on within the halls of the Lotus Circle.  So
today, I am going to make a small, formal annoyncement as to what has gone
on.  I would also like to say that while I did not make a public speach about
the murderers getting caught, it was merely because I need not do so as the
Director Stanton Redglave had already done so and I felt it was CorpSec's job
to make such an announcement in the first place, and of course, most within
the Lotus were aware both had been caught already." 

There is a short pause as Arias gives just a small bow to the screen.  "I'd
also like to say that me and my number two girls keep in regular contact and
we felt it wise to not put on our musical during this time, which is why it
looks as though we are not doing much at this moment.  I, however, still
wished to try and bring some light into the lives of others and at the
encouragement of another, agreed to set a new fashion trend, to make people
laugh and smile.  We have also added a new member into our ranks, of which I
am very hopeful about seeing what she can do.  Thus, to those spreading these
slanders, I ask you, is this really the time and place to be acting like
petty children?  Is this really the time to be upset because you know nothing
of what goes in within my halls?  Or are you trying to distract people from
your own flaws?" 
Arias then shrugs and the screen once more goes dark.

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In subject of: Dont stop be-leafing.
Date         : Thu Feb  6 08:20:12 2020
Expires      : Tue Nov  1 09:20:12 2022
To           : all
Arias Driver, Exalted One of the Lotus Circle proposes that they use their
transportation shuttles to help people around the affected Sectors where
off-world is difficult or impossible and assist them in getting to safer
locations, be they other sectors or off-world in general.  They are also
handing out donations of clothes and other essential items needed during
times like this.  

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In subject of: First Contact
Date         : Thu Feb  6 15:00:30 2020
Expires      : Tue Nov  1 16:00:55 2022
To           : all
At Approximately Noon Terran Standard Time

Broadcast devices across the SOL system abruptly cut out and go dark, leaving
communications conglomerates stymied as they try to regain control.  Radio
and Matrix communications alike are commandeered as flights are delayed and
traffic across Terra and its surrounding trade lanes are brought to a

A figure appears before the broadcast monitors, its voice heard over
listening devices, and matrix projectors showing him in what appears to be
realtime.  Masculine in appearance by humanity's standards, the figure cuts
an imposing stance with black metallic cord-like armor covering it from head
to toe.  The cords shift taut, forming an open hood of metal over its head
with a photoreceptive visor obscuring its face.

Its voice is a thick baritone when it finally speaks though with no
discernible accent.  In fact, it's as if the accent has been brought together
piecemeal by every dialect known to man, sounding disjointed in its effort.

"Terra's cells may call Us the Sentinel.  We chose to leave you be since your
transgression, but now Our Queen has been taken from us.  You will return

There's a pause in the transmission as the figure's head tilts.  The movement
appears almost as if the transmission briefly shifts.

"You have twenty four of your hours to bring her to the place you call
Initiative Headquarters."

Every monitoring device previously commandeered begins to display a countdown

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In subject of: CorpSec & Initiative joint response
Date         : Thu Feb  6 19:24:59 2020
Expires      : Tue Nov  1 20:24:59 2022
To           : all
....An emergency CorpSec channel announces the following statement...

A well dressed senior CorpSec Officer who introduces himself as Sector
Provost Fenton stands before a camera.  "Citizens of the effected sectors,
you are hereby ordered not to interfere in CorpSec or Initiative operations
for your own safely.  Proceed to your nearest CorpSec shelter, identification
at the ready and be prepared to pay any outstanding fines you may have
accrued.  Be peaceful.

...It cuts off, followed by another news broadcast of an excitable talking
head with a drone camera panning around...

"Here we have it people!  War!  Possibly, CorpSec have ordered everyone to
get to their shelters, that can only mean one thing...  They're expecting it
all to hit the cosmic fan!" The Camera pans around, displaying CorpSec
military swarming into the streets, setting up defensive positions and gun
emplacements at strategic locations.  Heavy armour is shown, tanks, gunships-
railgun artilary.  In addition, a small segment is shown before it's cut off
of a large CorpSec contingent advancing upon the Initiative Headquarters to
secure the area.

 ...It switches once again to a reporter aboard Valhalla station... 

The camera pans around for a few moments, witnessing a group of heavily
armored and armoured crimson CorpSec Praetorians hastily securing and
transporting a group of haggard looking patients to parts unknown.  

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In subject of: Feng Wang Park Now Open
Date         : Fri Feb  7 01:08:50 2020
Edited       : Fri Feb  7 01:09:36 2020
Expires      : Wed Nov  2 02:09:12 2022
To           : all
Unevacuated citizens around Feng Wang Park see that finally, the Terran
Initiative's construction of the area seems to be finished.  The barricades
are dismantled, the tarpaulins packed away,  revealing the stretch of grassy
fields kept out of public use for so long.  Those who enter might note,
however, that the construction of the playground has been put on hold
indefinitely under light of alien circumstances, causing some to question
whether the park amenities really weren't the main project after all.

More importantly, the guards who used to keep people out are now inviting
them in.  Announcements of a shelter at the park are spread from prole to
prole to the occasional corporate buddy or boss. There may be more bunkers
open across the Sectors affected by the alien vessel but around here in the
heart of Sector 7, Feng Wang Park sounds like it is the safe haven to seek
out if unable to leave the Sector within the twenty-four hour countdown given
by "The Sentinel". 

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In subject of: Scions Among Us
Date         : Fri Feb  7 21:42:15 2020
Expires      : Wed Nov  2 22:42:31 2022
To           : all
On June 2nd, 2367 at 12 PM TST, the Scion known as Sentinel made direct
personal contact with interplanetary leaders at the Sector 7 Terran
Initiative platform in an attempt to reclaim the "Scion Queen", formerly
known as Renna Redgrave.  Those in attendance were abducted by the alien
delegation and taken aboard what is now being referred to as the

Following a brief exchange and the Scion Queen's transformation, Terra's
inhabitants were informed that the Scions would be watching them for the
forseeable future.  Confirmed stories indicate their appearance to being
nearly indistinguishable from humans, some with minor physical deformities,
and it's said the Queen exhibitted psychic ability.

The Mothership disappeared from Terran orbit moments after the return of the
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: A club in the clouds?
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:08:52 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:09:03 2022
To           : all
Word has begun circulating that the member of the peerage: Winston Cornelius
Nigel III is planning some sort of attempt to build a club that will float in
the sky for the rich and famous.  Apparently word is that he will be looking
for investors, a great opportunity perhaps for people to begin getting their
name and influence out there?  Word is he will likely make a formal
announcement in the coming weeks. 

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In subject of: Asteroid Tour
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:09:12 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:09:19 2022
To           : all
Words coming from the few cargo ships still travelling to the most forgetten
mining stations of the asteroid belt mention a series of concerts happening
there.  Despite the confusion, it seems clear one of those concerts is
planned on Vesta 4. 

(OOC: Sunday the 16th february 2020, starting on the dot at 10:00 am
system time)

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In subject of: The General Assembly
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:10:29 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:10:35 2022
To           : all
[THe Capitol, over 12 hours before the end of the Sentintel's Countdown]

An emergency meeting was conducted in the Senate Convention Chambers of the
Terran Initiative where a general assembly of the Admirals, several key
Organization Leaders, and Senators were in attendance.  Little has been
released to the press regarding the results but it's clear that they are
meeting about one thing: the Sentinel and its demands for its Queen.  Aides
reassured the press that once the congregation is ready, proper announcements
to the news networks will be released in order to keep the citizens

[The Capitol, Post-Abduction & Encounter]

In the aftermath of the Queen's return and the unexpected abduction of almost
the entire shuttle landing crowd, leaders, soldiers, and civilians alike were
swarmed by the gathered press.  As questions were flung and cameras flashed,
the group dispersed looking understatedly worse for the wear.  Not even
President Sai herself gave immediate comment as she hurried away, visibly
shaken from the encounter.

After a day had passed, the President addressed the event with an official

"Citizens of the Sol system, you have borne witness to a ground-breaking
milestone of the human race.  Extraterrestrials are real.  We have made
contact and conducted successful communications with an alien species.  The
unidentified vessel that covered the skies from Sectors 5, 7 and 8 was their
mothership.  These entities are called the "Scions".

This is a vastly superior, highly advanced Hive mind race.  Their spacecraft
and armor are reinforced with a metal currently unknown to mankind.  Their
mental fortitude and ability is greater than even our most sophisticated
matrix data processors.  They are experts in the development and growth of
bio-organic technology, such that they have already managed to recreate
themselves in the shape and likeness of our own kind - humankind.

This news may be alarming to most of you.  However, I urge you to exercise
caution and respect when dealing with your alien neighbor.  The cosmos is far
larger than our rings of planets and we have discovered that there is a
greater system of things that be.  The cost for our ignorance, as the Scions
explained to us, was the destruction of the Final Frontier.  The darkest days
of humanity were followed by the darkest years, as the price of our
incompetence weighed heavily on us all.  May we never forget.

Just beyond the border of our solar system lies Scion territory.  We may not
cross it without being granted the privilege to cut through.  There are yet
many questions that we seek to have answered by the Scion Queen and her
subjects called Nodes.  The Terran Initiative shall see to it that we come to
understand their ways and intentions, just as they wish to study us and study
with us, side by side."

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In subject of: Don't Stop Be-Leafing
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:11:13 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:11:17 2022
To           : all
With his resources and influence, Arias Driver, Exalted One of the Lotus
Circle has the Lotus Circle's transportation shuttles sent over to Terra to
help the Sectors where off-world is difficult or impossible and assist them
in getting to safer locations, be they other sectors or off-world in general.
They are also seen handing out donations of clothes and other essential items
needed during times like this.  They're doing what they can to lift the
spirits and brighten people's days, even if it seems like the end of times!

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In subject of: Lotus Circle Contest
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:11:28 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:11:31 2022
To           : all
<<<lotus flower contest!>>>

The Lotus Circle is hosting an official art contest!  Everyone from all walks
of life is welcome to join in on the fun and there will be prizes for the top
three winners!

The theme for this contest is Community Spirit.  You can pick the medium you
wish to use in order to show this off, be it a photo, a painting, a piece of
music or even a short story!

First place: 500 credits + free platinum jewellery piece of your choice.

Second place: 200 credits + free gold jewellery piece of your choice.

Third place: 100 credits + free silver jewellery piece of your choice.  

To send in your entries, you can email ExaltedOne@LotusCi.org!

Good luck everyone and have fun!  

 OOC: The end date for this is the 24th/Feb so you guys have a week!  I'll
announce the winners on the 26th or 27th and ask the winners to hand in their
requests for the jewelery after that.  

Happy creativity!

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In subject of: Charity Masquerade Ball
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:12:02 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:12:06 2022
To           : all
Talk in social circles surrounding Elysium have reached as far as Terra
regarding the re-emergence of one of its famed founding families, currently
headed by one Monsieur Armand Bettencourt in the past few weeks.  An
announcement was made by the household that a Masquerade Ball is to be held
in the Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier.

The event has been proclaimed as a charity ball and auction with proceeds
going towards the Bettencourt Foundation, one of the system's most prominent
charity organizations known for its efforts towards rehabilitation and
fostering of Jovian orphans.

The date is currently set for August 29th, 2367 Terran Standard Time and
Monsieur Bettencourt has given notice that anyone who wishes to attend is
welcome to do so, so long as they come masked.  The event will be entirely
anonymous, with tickets used for the Auction to identify winners.

(OOC: The event is scheduled for February 29th, starting at 4 PM EST Time and
will go throughout the night.  The Auction will be held at 8 PM EST.) 

(OOC Addendum: There will also be a costume contest for the masquerade with a
prize given.  Furthermore, the theme for the party is - Fairytale.)

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In subject of: ISS Hades: 'Hell's Angel'
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:12:43 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:12:49 2022
To           : all
Calling a press conference to the Aizu-Shoto headquarters, Chairman Ossyriss
Tamarisk stood alongside Initiative President Shija Shaasti Sai, proudly
shaking hands with her after a brief, private word up on the stage.  Sporting
his indomitable smile, the man turned to the assembled press to say this :

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Assembled Press, thank you all for coming on
such short notice!  Aizu-Shoto is very proud to announce a legendary
cooperation with the Initiative to unveil our pride and joy, the brand-new
Battlecruiser, ISS Hades."

With that announcement made, an absolutely massive holoscreen appears behind
the President and the Chairman showing an equally, nearly impossibly massive
battlecruiser; the Initiative flag is painted proudly on it's severe sides,
and the CIWS guns rotate towards the sky, showing off a particularly
impressive range of motion as the anthem blasts from hidden speakers. 
Tamarisk, looking particularly proud of himself, places his hands behind his
back, standing up a bit straighter as his artificially-red cybereyes shine
out from the stagefront.  

"At thirteen hundred meters in length, and representing nearly 8.5 million
metric tons of mass with an Apex Fusion drive that can power entire countries
for years, the ISS Hades is the very best that Aizu-Shoto - and humanity -
have to offer.  Thousands of brave men and women have toiled countless hours
in the dark, working hard to not only fight, but to win.  This will be the
one to carry humanity forward.  Humanity will survive, and we will thrive. 
There are those who think that the Initiative - and Humanity in general -
should shrink back.  Retreat into shuttles.  Go to space, abandon Terra.  I
will be blunt : that option isn't on the table for Aizu-Shoto, or the
Initiative.  No, instead, like the thousands of workers, engineers, and
researchers who contributed to this project...  We will hunker down.  We will
take a stand.  We will fight.  And Humanity will never surrender.  I'd rather
die doing my best than live on shoddy, secondhand work.  The evidence of that
flies above you today.  Join with me, join with the Initiative, and I swear to
you that we will build a future we can all be proud of.  

After thunderous applause meets the Chairman's speech, the President -
stunningly dressed in a fashionable pear green business suit - steps up for a
few words of her own:

"Over two hundred thousand years of evolution and here we are at the
Interstellar Age.  Catastrophe after catastrophe, mankind has preserved
itself as a species and we will continue to survive whatever is thrown our
way.  Even if the abyss opens up to swallow us whole, the monumental ISS
Hades and our expertly trained interstellar fleet will be the undeterred
vanguard of the solar system.  The Terran Initiative and its assembly of
Admirals, led by the Grand Admiral Sir John Harkstead, have made it their
goal to ensure that our military strength and naval forces are unshakeable. 
Just as Chairman Tamarisk proudly affirmed, there will be no retreat and no
surrender for humanity, and we can take them all.  The battle stations on the
ISS Hades will be manned by the best of the Sol system's military academies. 
Every single one of our deployed military personnel has mastered the physical
and mental disciplines required to strategically defend our civilization. 
Every single medic, mechanic, and engineer aboard these ships is keeping
every unit, living or android, in tip-top shape.  With the unrivaled
technological expertise of Aizu-Shoto, the spacecraft wizardry of the
Candrayana Cosmic Creators, and the formidable mettle of the Terran
Initiative, we bring you that which ensures humanity's continued flourishing
existence for the rest of the age!"

Enthusiastic cheers and whoops ring out in the crowd as the presence of many
engineers and military men are made known, all of them standing up to clap. 
As the President steps back, she joins hands with the Chairman and raises
them high in sure victory.  A large cake in the shape and likeness of the
battlecruiser itself is wheeled in by a mustachioed patissier.  After a
shared look and satisfied smiles, they cut the mothership cake to reveal its
molten chocolate core.  Slices are distributed to the Admirals and the Lead
Engineers and Weaponstech of the project as the fanfare continues into a
photo op. 

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In subject of: Daubigny vs. The World, Redux
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:13:07 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:13:15 2022
To           : all
Months after former Lotus Heylenne Daubigny was found guilty of multiple
civil cases brought against her by her former employer, the Exalted One Arias
Driver, prole charity owner Marcella Drummond, and even the President of the
Initiative, His Honor Jon Masterson has announced that the restraining orders
placed against Daubigny for all three parties have been lifted, allowing her
to come within 5 kilometers of those named once more.

His Honor did note, however, that Ms.  Daubigny should be careful about
allowing herself to be perceived as a threat to President Sayee in the

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In subject of: London faces a gambit
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:13:26 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:13:28 2022
To           : all
With London Oaksley having been almost entirely absent for the last few
months, some within the organization have said considerable harm is being
done to Humanadyne's image and their ability to recruit and act within Sector
7.  For that reason, employees are asking that Doctor Oaksley be stood down
from his position as Chief of Medicine, to pave the way for someone new. 

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In subject of: The Club in the Clouds
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:14:31 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:14:35 2022
To           : all
An announcement has been made by the Terran Peer Winston Cornelius Nigel III
in regards to the rumoured club in the clouds project he is said to he

"Fellow Citizens of humanity, many of you know that I have always held a deep
love for Sector 7 and thus I have decided that it will play host to my most
ambitious project yet!  Imagine if you will, a ballroom bedecked with real
wood flooring, crystal chandeliers, artwork upon the walls...  Artwork of the
highest caliber!

But what is art and beauty without the heart and sole of real people hmm? 
Ahh but it is empty!  A husk devoid of true beauty or life to it.  And thus
that is why I reach out to you my fellow human beings...  This is an
ambitious project and sure I could entirely fund it myself but if I am to
choose the soul of the place myself then well does that not defeat the point
of a public venue?  I would wish that those who take a hand in creating this
utopia could help to shape it...  To let us have a wonderful melting pot of
culture and artistic beauty!  All investors would have their names
immortalised within the venue and as stated would be able to shape the club
as it is formed.  For those interested please do not hesitate to reach out to
me, for I am happy to take any questions."

And with his long winded speech begins the chance for those who wish to
become part of creating this new club.  Though there are some murmurs of
financial difficulties for the Nigel peerage family...  And that the club
perhaps is not all it seems.  

(OOC: Please use the header for club in the clouds [plot header list command
should show it] so that you don't have to spend QP on your plot advances to
interact with it.)
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Re: IC Event Archive

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In subject of: A New Chief of Medicine
Date         : Mon Mar  9 22:14:47 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec  3 21:14:49 2022
To           : all
In a surprise move, recent arrival to Sector 7 and Humanadyne, Cybernetic
Specialist Beatrix Foxe has been appointed Chief of Medicine.  This has left
many people around the sector questioning how exactly did she rise and rise
so swiftly into this position?  With some people claiming that a substantial
bribe was paid, while others link it to the expensive gown she was seen
donning at the recent Masquerade Ball: Somebody has taken a shine to the
impoverished proletariat and that just may have landed her the coveted role
of Chief of Medicine. 
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: Shija faces a gambit
Date         : Mon Mar 16 01:37:52 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec 10 00:37:52 2022
To           : all
The Senate has been thick with concern for the missing President Shija Sai,
whose absence has been more and more sorely noted during official
proceedings.  Whispers about a Martian rebellion - potentially with
Krondstadt support - have further elevated fears that something may have
happened to the President.  With some holding to the belief that she has been
taken somewhere not even the Senate is aware of for her own protection and
others leaning into conspiracy theories, such as accusing the Martian
Independence Movement's leadership of kidnapping or assassinating her, the
fact remains that without leadership the solar system's predominant
government is starting to crumble.  Citing concerns over the possibility of
war with Mars and the desperate need for a commander in chief, the Senate has
raised a motion for impeachment.  

On a more controversial note, the Senate's issue for impeachment does not
include plans for a new election, and the candidate set to step into power
has not been named.  Rumors abound that the Senate's preference is already
impeached former President Ronald Hagen, whose anti-colonial policies are
almost universally blamed for the current political turmoil with Mars.  
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: Club in the Clouds II: When it falls
Date         : Sat Mar 21 10:14:12 2020
Expires      : Thu Dec 15 09:14:12 2022
To           : all
The investment drive for the club in the clouds project ultimately seemed to
have stalled over the past month with allegedly very little in terms of
partners stepping forward to involve themselves in the project.  This past
month had also heard nothing from the Nigel family themselves which was
considered an odd time for them to seemingly vanish from public life.  Now
the entire peerage family have been reported as missing seemingly without a
trace.  People are worried about what may have caused this and whether it was
something nefarious or simply the family cutting and running for some reason.
Many wonder how long it will be until corpsec launch an official
investigation now that this news is out.  

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In subject of: President Removed, Elections Suspended, Martian Response
Date         : Tue Mar 24 23:59:28 2020
Expires      : Sun Dec 18 22:59:39 2022
To           : all
Impeachment proceedings closed on the morning of November 31, 2367.  The
Senate poured out of the convocation hall and the speaker of the house
approached the press that promptly mobbed him, acknowledging that President
Shija Sai had been removed from office.  The speaker pressed that her removal
was at no fault of her own, decrying the Martian Independence Movement as
terrorists and thugs and hinting rather heavily that the Senate still
believes they are responsible for the President's disappearance.  

Questioned as to what would happen now, the speaker merely smiled, "The
Senate has voted to position Joaquin Ramirez of the Terran Nationalist Party
into the seat." A flood of questions erupted from the crowd of journalists,
but the speaker answered only one: "The Senate has also voted to suspend
elections until this terrible Martian crisis is over, and the criminal that
leads them has been brought to justice." 

Within an hour of the announcement holovids across the solar system had their
signals hijacked.  From the Sector 7 Spire's enormous projector to little
versions in homes, the face of a sun-baked, rough-looking Martian man with
blue eyes looked out upon those watching: "My name is William Hutchins. 
Bill, less formal-like," His thick eyebrows set into a heavy scowl.  "Not for
the first time, the Terran Initiative has proven it lacks even the most basic
sense of decency.  My people have suffered at their hands for generations. 
Longer than the stations have hung in the stars, we have been fuckin' shit on
by these reprobate pieces of garbage.  To position another TNP member into
office and to deny the people their right to vote is more than we can take. 
They're goadin' us, make no mistake, and we're done puttin' up with it.  This
is it.  We're not goin' back this time." Shaky camera work makes the view
jerk as 'Bill' turns the lens away from him and out over a vast crowd of
Martians standing in Tharsis, armed with rifles, revolvers, and the
occasional mining pick.  The shot pans upward toward space, where a curiously
small and single warship hovers against the stars.  He lets it linger there,
though is careful not to let the camera slip and reveal anything more than
the single ship, "To the Terran Initiative I say to you: Come get us."

The hijack came to an end without further fanfare, the holovids returning to
their normally scheduled programming. 

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In subject of: CorpSec Press Conference
Date         : Wed Mar 25 09:46:10 2020
Expires      : Mon Dec 19 08:46:14 2022
To           : all
After the recent announcements concerning the removal of the President, and
the current crisis concerning the Mars Independent Movement and the election
of a Terran Supremacist - Corporations, News services and private citizens
alike bombarded CorpSec with questions and concerns.  The Director of CorpSec
had this to say on a live broadcast, 

"Citizens of Earth and the colonies, the situation is being monitored.  We
standby to protect the citizens of the Homeworld, and ensure that the rule of
law and enforcement of Justice continues unabated during this current crisis.
Regardless of the Terran Initiative's attempts to destabilize the system with
knee jerk reactions and old world methods.  We will continue to monitor the
situation, and deploy assets when and if needed.  Be advised, you may witness
a higher CorpSec military presence in vulnerable sectors.  Obey commands when
given, and do not obstruct them.  They are there for your safety and

Citizens notice an enhanced presence day to day, much the same as during the
Scion crisis of months before. 

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In subject of: For a Pound of Flesh
Date         : Thu Mar 26 09:36:52 2020
Expires      : Tue Dec 20 08:36:52 2022
To           : all
With the looming threat of war and rebellion on the horizon, the people of
Earth are spending less and hoarding more.  This threatens to be nothing
short of catastrophic for small business owners eking out a living in the
shadow of larger corporations, with many already preparing to close up

Yet, all hope is not lost! A collection of economic knights-in-shining armor
have reportedly been paying many of these shops visits.  They come with
offers of generous short-term loans, intended to help small business owners
find their footing in an increasingly uncertain world.

They could probably use a bit of help getting the word out, and convincing
people that it's safe to sign on the dotted line.
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: Sanoh Nook Named Exalted One
Date         : Thu Apr  2 22:14:04 2020
Expires      : Tue Dec 27 21:14:10 2022
To           : all
For reasons kept internal to the Lotus Circle the Exalted One Arias
Sparrowhawk has been removed from his position without fanfare and Sanoh Nook
- previously the Consort Major - has been risen up in his stead.  The Lotus
board made the announcement with much excitement, taking special care to
highlight Missus Nook's rich cultural background as a native of Venus, and to
express their confidence that the Lotus Circle will be exceptionally
well-managed under her care.  

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In subject of: Economic Bubble Pops!
Date         : Fri Apr  3 00:00:10 2020
Expires      : Tue Dec 27 23:00:10 2022
To           : all
"If I'd read the fine print, I'd never have taken that damn loan, "
teary-eyed Brent Carpenter, former owner of a Sector 11 Donuts-'n'-Bagels
Coffee House, said while waiting in line to deck in as a member of the local
Drone Construction services.  "If it sounds too good to be true.  That's my
advice to you, and everyone else out there.  It probably is."

Carpenter is just one of many former small business owners in Sector 11 and
beyond, who found themselves out in the cold after accepting high interest,
short-term loans which many are now calling 'vile' and 'predatory.' Unlike
the victims in Sectors with less infrastructure, Brent Carpenter at least has
the option of donating his body to local Drone Services in order to continue
supporting his family of five.

The influx of menial labor is sure to lead to an economic upswing, folks. 
Tune into Market Watch at 10 for more information.

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In subject of: Exalted One Addresses the Public
Date         : Fri Apr  3 13:06:39 2020
Expires      : Wed Dec 28 12:06:44 2022
To           : all
A little lotus mandala at the center of the holovid screen spins over a
pretty little synth-sitar tune, announcing a live address from the Lotus

Sitting at the desk in the Exalted One's office is a small, simple-looking
Venusian woman with neatly pinned hair, rosy cheeks, and a stunning lack of
makeup or jewelry.  She's extremely young, perhaps just into her twenties,
but she holds herself with a strong posture and looks into the camera with
intent.  And she smiles.

"Hello to everyone listening.  I'm Sanoh Nook, and I've taken over from Arias
Driver in conducting the business of the Lotus Circle.  I?m the new Exalted
One, as it were, though I'll admit I?m not a fan of the title.  It's a
trapping of the job, some would say, in a business that?s about making a
show.  We?re supposed to be flamboyant, to show off, have fun, and entertain.
Art is fun.  Music, theatre, crafting, sewing, designing, cooking - these are
things that bring joy to both makers and partakers.  It's something we've all
been doing since our world began, and we'll continue to as long as we exist. 
We need to make sure we remember what it really means to us."

The young woman looks down at her folded hands for a moment.

"It will come as no surprise to the natives of Venus, if they're bothering to
tune in, that I'm the first Prole to attain this position.  We know what the
entertainment industry and the Dome it lives under has done to our home and
our culture.  Proles everywhere in Sol know what corporations have done to
our homes and livelihoods.  There are children underground who need to work
to feed themselves, and I was once one of them."

Still looking straight at the camera, Sanoh Nook brushes any stray hairs back
over her head.  She's a little nervous, but pushing forward.

"I'm not sure how long I'll last where I am, but I hope to make the very best
of it.  Art, music, craft, performance - all these things we celebrate in the
Lotus Circle, they aren't about money or ego or class.  They're about stories
and beauty.  They're about learning from each other.  They're about feeling
something, remembering something, and looking to the future.

"But that's a very, very hard thing to do when you only wake up every day to
work to stay alive, and this is the case for the vast amount of people who
live in our Solar System.  Many people think there's nothing we can do about
it, but the trying is worth it.  In my time here, I'm going to try to exalt
the Lotus Circle to a charity and awareness organization.  If you're out
there and you can reach us, we'll tell your story, and we'll lift you up
where we can.  Now is the time not to make our art about glory or fame, but
about learning and community." Sighing a little shakily, Mrs.  Nook's
shoulders relax in relief that it's almost over, but her tone is genuine as
she finishes.

"Thank you, everyone.  Have a good night."

The screen darkens, cueing the sign-off with the turning logo and the
synthesized sitar melody. 

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In subject of: Ossyriss faces a gambit
Date         : Sun Apr  5 13:21:40 2020
Expires      : Fri Dec 30 12:21:40 2022
To           : all
As Aizu-Shoto's good name is increasingly dragged through the mud due to
Chairman Ossyriss' actions - namely abusing the corporation's power to get
vengeance on personal enemies, not those of Aizu-Shoto, and questionable uses
of company funds - an increase of complaints are forwarded to the corporate
board, pressing for the Chairman's immediate removal.  Examples pointed out
include denying CorpSec cutting edge arms and armor over a personal grudge
from long ago, paranoid vendettas over the vanished President, and using the
blacklist to punish an individual the Chairman doesn't like, not for crimes
against Aizu-Shoto.  Also, ten thousand credits recently went missing, likely
to bribe officials to put on the new blacklisting.  For these lapses in
leadership, the head petitioner demands, this Chairman must go.

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In subject of: Chairman Tamarisk Steps Down
Date         : Mon Apr  6 14:47:16 2020
Expires      : Sat Dec 31 13:47:21 2022
To           : all
Faced with overwhelming pressure from the Aizu-Shoto corporate board, long-time
Chairman Ossyriss Tamarisk stepped down this morning of his own accord and was
placed into a non-leadership, but still senior role withni the organization.
The board has declined to make a public comment beyond thanking Mister Tamarisk
for the contributions made during his tenure as Chairman.
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: A New Chairman Chosen
Date         : Tue Apr  7 19:42:16 2020
Expires      : Sun Jan  1 18:42:27 2023
To           : all
The Aizu-Shoto logo appears on holovid terminals everywhere, cutting into
programming.  After lingering for a few seconds with dramatic music swelling,
it cuts to the corporation's board sitting around a conference table, the
lighting too dim to make out any faces.  Droids stand at attention with trays
of fine drinks and snacks, while one holds a datapad in front of it, reading
from the device in a dull, mechanical drone.  "After tallying the votes, the
decision is unanimous.  Chief Engineer Mojmir Sokolov will be assigned the
role of Chairman." All of the droids break out in mechanized applause and
cheers, scripted to sound as one.  The humans at the table, meanwhile, remain
silent - each simply nods in approval.

The video feed cuts to a sallow, sharp featured young man with silvery,
reflective eyes and dark brown braids tied with copper wire.  He sits behind
the Chairman's desk, hands folded in front of him while staring at the
camera.  When he speaks, his Jovian accent is heavy.

"Greetings.  For those of you who do not know me, I am Chairman Mojmir
Sokolov.  While I am fairly new to the sector - and Terra in general - I have
worked diligently for Aizu-Shoto since my arrival.  With the support of my
co-workers I intend to steer the corporation in a different direction than it
has been recently - a normalization of relations with other important
organizations, a strong focus on research and development, and support where
it is needed for the greater good.  We will, of course, still focus on
maximizing profits and seeking beneficial partnerships to that end while
keeping in mind the impact that we make.

I encourage all aspiring engineers, weaponsmiths and construction artisans to
consider Aizu-Shoto and this new era in the corporation's development.  In
fact, I encourage craftspeople of all stripes and walks of life to do the
same.  We have much to offer and the potential for learning and personal
profit is truly remarkable.  I encourage all prospective clients to come and
talk to one of our skilled craftspeople, the best in their fields.  Pausing
dramatically, he stands behind the desk with arms stretched out and hands
open towards the camera.  "And always remember, Aizu-Shoto forges the pathway
to a better future."

The camera dims as some bizarre electronic music rises with the Aizu-Shoto
logo once more, then cuts out. 

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In subject of: The Initiative Fleet Deploys
Date         : Wed Apr  8 01:33:32 2020
Expires      : Mon Jan  2 00:33:34 2023
To           : all
On the morning of January 26th, 2368, Terran Initiative President Joaquin
Ramirez appeared before a cast of journalists at the Courtyard of Allied Nations
to address what he described as the "Martian Threat." Denouncing the rhetoric of
the Martian Independence Movement and William "Bill" Hutchins in particular as
infantile tantrums at best, outright terrorism at worst, President Ramirez
wholeheartedly placed the fault for the system's present predicament on Martian

"It is regrettable that things have come to this after all the Terran Initiative
has done to preserve and aid the Martian colony. We have always treated them
with the utmost respect and civility. In response we have received a declaration
of war. The most regrettable is that we must answer any and all threats to the
preservation of our great government with force."

The President adjusted his ear piece - a small, blinking thing that journalists
have surmised may have been feeding him his lines - and continued after
appearing to collect his thoughts:

"The entirety of the Initiative fleet has thus been deployed to Martian space,
which it shall actively blockade until the Martian Independence Movement agrees
to admit that it is outmatched, out of line, engaging in criminal misconduct,
and by doing so holding the few good people of Mars hostage to its rebellion.
Good Martians unaffiliated with their terrorist captors may rely on this
assurance: You will soon be returned to the comforting arms of the Terran
Initiative, and the terrorists holding your planet hostage will soon face

Without remaining to permit the press to ask him questions the President vacated
the podium, vanishing back into the conclave.

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In subject of: Bixby Report: Initiative Fleet Destroyed
Date         : Fri Apr 10 19:31:52 2020
Expires      : Wed Jan  4 18:32:12 2023
To           : all
"A devastating demonstration of the Terran Initiative's hubris took place
over Mars just 27 hours after their fleet's arrival in the sector.  The
technological wonder that was the Initiative's flagship - the Hades - has
been lost to the rebel force.

"Lured into position by what appeared to be an intentionally paltry squadron
of Martian Independence Movement fighters and the Captain of the Fringe
Maniacal, the Initiative Fleet's superior standing was swiftly dashed when
the Martian trap was sprung: The entirety of the Jovian fleet emerging from
hyperspace, fearsome Krondstadt tech surrounding the Initiative formation,
targets locked on, and a single offer of leeway provided should the Hades
stand down.  A brief fire fight followed, the conclusion of which has
confounded those who believed in the Initiative's naval power: Each
battleship and warship possessed by the Initiative was destroyed, the Hades
boarded, and its captain and crew taken into custody of the newly revealed
Martian-Jovian alliance.

"Where this leaves the Terran Initiative is uncertain on the interplanetary
stage.  For decades their power relied solely upon the strength of its fleet,
and that fleet is no more.  The network was unable to reach President Joaquin
Ramirez for comment." 
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: President Ramirez Declares Martial Law
Date         : Sat Apr 11 01:25:07 2020
Expires      : Thu Jan  5 00:25:09 2023
To           : all
On the morning of February 7th, 2368 President Joaquin Ramirez digitally
addressed the press from an undisclosed location, allowing himself to be filmed
signing martial law into effect with special circumstances included for seizing
military control of Earth. Though Mars was included under the declaration, there
were no plans announced for deploying any actual troops to the Red Planet.
Thousands have been deployed to Earth, however, which has raised significant
outrage across nearly all of its densely-populated sectors. 

Earth, having long been under the jurisdiction of the comparatively modern
CorpSec, is witnessing prole rioting in previously unseen numbers; not even the
Hilton Riots of 2103 which destroyed a significant part of Sector 7's Red
Market Row comes anywhere near to an appropriate comparison. The scale of
property destruction has already exceeded the 2103 riot and the mobs are
showing no signs of dispersing. As of yet there have been two deaths, both
Terran proles, and both killed by occupying Initiative street forces.

Across the solar system other settlements are following suit, though with
considerably fewer numbers and much less violence. Even Elysium Station has
been reporting demonstrations in its central rotunda, where protestors have
gathered to speak out against President Ramirez and the Initiative as a whole.
Powerful names from among the corporate sector have started to come forward
and address the situation publicly, ranging from the COO of a private
education consortium to the long absent CEO of Hargreave Electronics Inc.,
who appeared holographically from his Krondstadt apartments to condemn the
Initiative's actions both on Earth and over Mars.

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In subject of: CorpSec opposes the Initiative's initiative.
Date         : Sat Apr 11 17:58:11 2020
Expires      : Thu Jan  5 16:58:11 2023
To           : all
In response to the announcements and deployments of the Initiative, CorpSec
responds in kind.  In direct opposition to the declared Martial Law, the
Director of CorpSec is reported to have left an angry protest straight to the
Presidents office.  A demand is made to remove Initiative forces immediately
and rescind the declaration of martial law.  Else they will be charged and
detained for sedition and causing mass civil unrest.

CorpSec forces are seen increasing their presence to counter the numbers of
the Initiative, it is reported they have been given orders to remove the
Initiative Military from Earth sectors by non-lethal means unless fired

The President's declaration of martial law has the Chairman of Aizu-Shoto
also firing off a warning response to back CorpSec should the Initiative's
initiative not be rescinded.  Aizu-Shoto labs everywhere have started to go
into mass production of high end weaponry as a result.

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In subject of: Video from Eccentric CEO 
Date         : Mon Apr 13 19:03:21 2020
Edited       : Mon Apr 13 19:14:28 2020
Expires      : Sat Jan  7 18:03:39 2023
To           : all
(OOC: Player pitch related to storyteller story #9!)

Major news outlets have mostly been focused on the wide scale rioting and
chaos currently spreading through the system, but a new headline is rapidly
pushing itself towards the front page.

Jacob Hargreave, founder of Hargreave Electronics, widely renowned as the
'father of modern computing', released a video regarding the situation.  The
fact no one has heard from the CEO in over 10 years, only for him to make
'personal' appearances twice in less than as many weeks is momentous,
especially for a man who's over 100 years old.

Bedecked in a dressing gown, this wise, stern looking man with grey hair and
a stiff countenance settles back in his lounge chair, a fire gently crackling
in the background.  Everything is vintage, as if he lives in a different
century to the rest of us.  When he speaks, his voice is almost unnaturally
loud, booming, authoritative.

"I have been told that many thought I was dead, but in truth, I have been
watching.  Watching these so called Scions, watching Mars, the rise and fall
of some notable CEO's of the larger companies." this last part is said almost
dismissively, as if they're beneath him.

Crossing his pyjamaed legs, the man, who looks no older than his late
sixties, shifts to one side languidly.

"It has been some time coming, but I think it's finally time I stopped my
researching and brought Hargreave back into the forefront of the public mind.
As of today, we will be opening purchasing avenues to the corporations for
our hardware once again.  Do not ask us for our products, we will offer them
if we deem you fit to use them.

As for the rioting and these so-called Scions, do not fear.  I have lived a
long enough time to remember many wars and many times of strife.  I have yet
to see anything that makes me believe the truth Minotaur is out of the
labyrinth quite yet." 
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Re: IC Event Archive

Post by Niamh »

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In subject of: Rioting Turns Violent in Sector 7
Date         : Wed Apr 22 14:19:46 2020
Expires      : Mon Jan 16 13:20:09 2023
To           : all
On Mid afternoon March 24, Terran Standard Time, reports came in with video
footage of shots fired at the foot of the Sector 7 Spire.  Armed protestors
took to the streets, firing on Initiative soldiers and proceeding to feed the
insanity as the riots reached a boiling point.  Multiple fatalities have been
reported as well as a still unknown number of injured being transported to
Humanadyne facilities.

Onlookers reported sightings of Director Stanton Redgrave taking to the
streets with Praetorian guard along with a group of deputized civilians. 
Celebrity reports indicate Lotus movie star and journalist Violet Voss was
caught in the crossfire and undergoing transport to secure facilities for
emergency medical care by a balaclava masked man and and a tattooed prole. 
Her condition was last reported critical.

Notable faces among the riots report sightings of the Union Steward outside
CorpSec HQ and other members of the Sol Workers Party assisting in emergency

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In subject of: Roll Initiative: Botch
Date         : Mon Apr 27 21:29:56 2020
Expires      : Sat Jan 21 20:29:56 2023
To           : all
A press conference was held today aboard the private yacht of President
Joaquin Ramirez in accompaniment with what remained of his former cabinet and
recently appointed officials following in the wake of the Terran Riots.  Many
of the officials in attendance appeard haggard at best, though the President
managed to retain appearances as he spoke before extraplanetary

His word at the conference inferred a patriotic tone in an attempt to incite
the citizenry into blame against the Martian Independance Movement, placing
blame on them for rising hostilities leading to the riots.  No apology was
placed nor did he appear to take responsibility for his actions or those of
the currently still seated Senators bunkered down in the convocation hall on
the Initiative senate platform.

His closing statement followed: "Terra is a long standing institution which
has weathered many trials since the first day humanity began to grow and it
will be there long after many of us have passed.  I cannot in all due
diligence stand for foreign elements causing instability and chaos where the
Initiative has preserved since the old nations were joined together.  Today
is a day we strike back and remind the system that we will not falter nor
will we go quietly.  We will persevere."

Alarms rang out throughout the Martian sector as the Initiative superweapon,
the Hades, broke free from the quarantine imposed on it by the joint
Martian-Jovian fleet and streaked into orbit.  Rumor has it the President
initiated a kill switch protocol installed by the current administration
within the security framework.

The resulting crash decimated a portion of the residential sector of New
Tharsis, resulting in a catastrophic death count in the surrounding area.  

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In subject of: Rally at Hualing Bridge
Date         : Thu Apr 30 20:48:29 2020
Expires      : Tue Jan 24 19:48:36 2023
To           : all
WA little lotus mandala at the center of the holovid screen spins over apretty
little synth-sitar tune, announcing a live address from the Lotus Circle.

Sanoh Nook, a tiny Venusian lady with rosy cheeks, standing on Hualing Bridge
before a mural of a hundred hands all reaching for the stars above and looking
straight at the camera.

"Good morning, Sector 7," she begins.  "I don't have to tell you that we're
living in troubled, uncertain times.  The riots in the streets and the
actions of the Terran Initiative have left everyone affected, and it can be
hard to know what the decisions of those in power will mean for the future of
you and your loved ones.  That's why, with the helpful contributions of some
other organizations the Lotus Circle is holding a rally at the West Hualing
Bridge, starting on the Holi holiday.

"Holi marks the beginning of spring - a new and more hopeful season.  We're
going to enjoy ourselves at this rally with food and music, but we're also
going to hear the voices of corporate leaders in tangent with the general
citizenry so that we can hear each other and unite in efforts against
injustice, corruption, and misuse of power.

"For too long, Proles have not had a voice.  They have become angry,
desperate, and rightfully so.  But riots and violence will not improve our
situation here at home.  Instead, I invite everyone to use our words, our
stories and our reason, to better understand each other and forge a bond of
trust in the places where it is needed most.

"If anyone wishes to contribute to this event, with performances, speeches,
food, decorations, or any idea that comes to your mind, please submit your
plan at Exalted One AT Lotus Ci DOT org - same if you have any questions. 
And more than anything, please lend your presence so that you can be seen and

Sanoh ends with a tired but compassionate smile.  "Stay safe out there, and
see you then!"

The screen darkens, cueing the sign-off with the turning logo and the
synthesized sitar melody.

(OOC: IRL this will begin the morning of Monday May 4th server time, but it
will last a couple IRL days so everyone can have a chance to join in.  If
there are any OOC questions, please send Sanoh a pboard! 

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In subject of: Club in the clouds II: Aftermath
Date         : Fri May  1 14:48:26 2020
Expires      : Wed Jan 25 13:48:37 2023
To           : all
It has been months since the dissapearance of the Nigel peerage family and as
always life goes on.  The strange circumstances that surrounded the family
seem to have been mostly forgotten and no word of what happened has turned
up.  It's no surprise with the escalation of the Terran Iniative and Martian
war but there are certainly some who find it worrying that a family of their
status disappeared seemingly without a trace.

At this point it is likely that any trails have since gone cold but attention
stays on the current war between worlds and with the promise of this club
long forgotten many now worry how the galaxy will change once the current
political upheaval has settled. 

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In subject of: In a World Without Gold, We Might Have Been Heroes (Edited by Anomaly) (Edited by Anomaly)
Date         : Fri May  1 15:05:39 2020
Edited       : Fri May  1 15:15:45 2020
Expires      : Wed Jan 25 14:05:39 2023
To           : all
In the wake of the Terran Initiative's defeat over Mars, motley yet
freakishly well organized pirate fleets had formed to harass the now
undefended interplanetary trading routes.  Springing up practically
overnight, these space pirates spared only the traders of Saturn and Earth of
their predation.

Then, with the crash of the ISS Hades, the pirate fleets disappeared just as
quickly has they had come.

Those Five Fleets, composed largely of civilian vessels refit for combat,
have now begun to reappear just outside of Earth's orbit.  In that legal grey
area where neither Corpsec nor the Initiative hold official jurisdiction,
supported by a flagship of seemingly Jovian origins, they appear to be
staging for an assault on the Initiative capital.

How this situation will play out remains anyone's guess.  

The remnants of the Initiative's fleet may be better suited for combat, but,
following their defeat at the hands of the Martian Independence Movement, the
pirates have them outnumbered.

As always, the Don of the Five Families has publicly remained silent on the
matter.  What the Families could possibly hope to gain remains a matter of

With so much riding on the outcome, the leadership of major organizations
ought to expect to hear from representatives of the Five Families any day

(Those who wish to oppose the pirates should SUBVERT. Those who want to weaken the Government should SUPPORT.)

See HELP PROJECT for further questions.

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In subject of: Declaration of War
Date         : Fri May  1 19:38:42 2020
Expires      : Wed Jan 25 18:38:42 2023
To           : all
Almost immediately after the Initiatives announcement and subsequent
murderous strike on Tharsis Colony, a planetwide announcement blares from the
holoscreens.  An emergency CorpSec priority announcement, as Stanton
Redgrave, the Director of CorpSec stands before a CorpSec eagle logo.  

"Citizens of Earth and the colonies, we are now at war.  The Initiative has
committed high crimes, including treason, and violating section 78-alpha of
the Geneva convention.  Along with verified evidence the Initiative has
planted agents within the rioters, instigating and provoking them.  The
President is under the assumption that he is the law," The Directors eye
twitches, and he leans closer to the camera.  "We are the law, Mister
President.  You and your cohorts will be found, and judged accordingly for
your crimes.  Flee, or stay put.  Your choice, but your end is swiftly coming
you sanctimonious bastard." The Holovid presents a ticker of all those lives
lost in the Tharsis incident, "CorpSec has declared war on the Initiative and
hereby replace all Initiative functions on the homeworld, all their holdings
and assets will be frozen and confiscated.  All their employees detained and
reviewed for involvement, all their institutions will be torn down as of this
date.  I warn each and every citizen in this unprecedented time of crisis. 
Do not panic, do not fear, and remain lawful.  This will be a smooth
transition if you follow the directives of CorpSec and its subsidiaries."

The live broadcast cuts out, and transitions to live footage of CorpSec
deployments, heavily armed dropships landing in and around Tharsis to aid
with the recovery efforts along with cohorts of CorpSec military hardware and
soldiers to aid the Martian Independence movement against the Initiative.  In
conjunction, a heavy Humanadyne presence is noted in the disaster area, which
they are leading the recovery and aid operations.  

Along with all the other flurry of activity, the Aizu-Shoto Corporation has
been seen deploying experimental, cutting edge technology in the theater of
battle.  One reporter claimed the sky was so full of lasers they no longer
need cataract surgery, and they fear the oncoming robot uprising if Aizu's
warbots get out of control.  The Syndicate are also thought to have deployed
agents and contractors to assist with the effort, operatives descending on
Initiative outposts like tigers in the night.  All this reporting has been...
Reported to have been organised by the Lotus, and the Exalted one to enable a
steady stream of information.  
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