Initiative soldiers stand among erected barricades around the spaceport, fending off rioters.

REDACTED mutely pulls a generic bullpup assault rifle, with burnished steel stock and starts aiming at an initiative soldier, through the crowds of people. He tilts his head a little, before starting to spray at the lone soldier.

REDACTED raises the generic assult rifle with an austere red dot sight and pulls the trigger. Bullets zipping through the air as REDACTED aims for the soldiers head.

An initiative soldier unfastens its axe.

An initiative soldier sidesteps to the left, thrusting upward at REDACTED!

REDACTED pulls the trigger, several shots burst through the crowds of rioting people, with only one objective: hitting the skull of a soldier.

An initiative soldier circles, waiting for an opening.

REDACTED aims at the legs, pulling the trigger of a generic bullpup assault rifle, with burnished steel stock. Grey steel leading the way as the shots crack through the crowds.

An initiative soldier is seriously impaired by its injuries.
An initiative soldier is unconscious and might slowly die, if not aided.
REDACTED slams the butt of their weapon into an initiative soldier’s head, knocking him senseless!

With one smooth, cruel strike, REDACTED geeks an initiative soldier.

<An urgent news bulletin starts beeping loudly over communicators across Terra and the surrounding planetary sectors: URGENT NEWS: This is a report from CorpSec Emergency Response Unit. Residents be advised, cautionary measures traveling to and from Sector 7 should be observed for your safety. Armed conflict between rioters and Initiative invasion forces have been reported.>

[Transmission 000.000] a feminine tone with an Irish lilt: “Thinkin’ tha’ ain’ good. If anyone needs medical aid, just call the medevac an’ will do our best ta get someone to you. Stay safe out there.”

[Transmission 000.000]: REDACTED says, “I have an announcement to make.”

[Transmission 000.000]: REDACTED says, “Rescue the planet and break the chains that tyrants have imposed on it. Anyone who decides to side with the Initiative shall perish to my .50 cal ammunation.”

[Transmission 000.000]: REDACTED says, “Take the dead soldiers as a last warning.”

[Transmission 000.000] an alto, Saturni brogue: “Gonna be alive one today, it seems.”

[Transmission 000.000] a commanding British voice: “==This is an urgent CorpSec Announcement.== Citizens are advised to avoid the streets and do not engage with the rioters. Further advisement, rioters and all combatants will be prosecuted to the full extended of the law. The law still applies. Stay at home, and be safe as CorpSec rectifies the situation. Those citizens wishing to aid efforts may contact the Director personally.”