Operating System
Memory Clock:
2048 MHz, Tcl:7 Trcd:4 Trp:8 Tras:20 (2T Timing) 8 bit
Checking RAM
0kb OK
ROM Version: (9202)
NVMM ROM Version: (2.12)
Initializing Controllers: (Done)
Auto-detecting mass storage devices..
Port3: (WinTin WT0EZRX-00D2PB2)..
Port4: (WinTin WT0EZRX-00D4PE4)..
Booting from Port3..

The last and largest hub of densely-packed, heavily urban civilization on Earth, Sector 7 is a sprawling megacity located between the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and the Northern Pacific Coast, circling around the Central District at the historic site of the old Seattle Space Needle. Humankind, previously space capable and liberally spread across the solar system, has been sabotaged, broken, and beaten back to its home-world. War with what is widely believed to have been hateful extraterrestrial forces has devastated the planet, pushing refugees in droves back from outlying colonies and stations. Peripheral sectors of Earth have been emptied, their displaced populations now struggling to find footholds in Sector 7. Some choose to live outside the boundaries of the city, but the nomads are few and far between. Humanity won the war, but it lost much more.

Invention has been severely punished and self-interest takes precedence over innovation. Expansion and achievement are absent from the minds of most. Not for the first time, the human spirit has been dampened. When effort is made to improve the lots of others it is typically for personal gain rather than to answer some higher calling.

Alter Epoch is a cyberpunk RPI (roleplaying intensive) MUD (multi-user dungeon) with light sci-fi overtures. We feature a robust writing system that calculates XP based upon contributions to roleplay, extensive crafting systems, emote- operated combat, flavorsome vehicle systems ranging from motorcycles to piloted VTOLs, and more. Every effort is made to be inclusive to our sight-impaired users. Alter Epoch features permadeath and primarily non-consensual roleplay.

The game is located at and can be connected to using your preferred client. To connect via Grapevine, click "Play Now."